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Food," I suggested. "Sleep. That's what I need. To get the hell away from here." Cole frowned at me, as if I'd suggested "ducks" and "yoga".

Maggie Stiefvater

#ducks #forever #humor #isabel-culpeper #sleep

He was gorgeous, and I absolutely, no question, had to be drooling. After a quick and hopefully stealthy check – big show, I wasn’t!- I found myself wonder what color his eyes were. Brown maybe. Or even hazel. Either way…wow, just wow. Deer? Headlights? Hi, I’m Ali.

Gena Showalter

#cole #funny #funny

Not dead-dying. Funny how two things could be so similar and yet so far apart

Maggie Stiefvater


Holly's forgiven you?" "Almost mostly. But she still gives me slack about it when she's sick. I take it as a husbandly badge," he said, puffing out his chest. "Sick? You told me she was fully immortal." "Yeah, but she still throws up some, because, well, the thing of it is... Ah, fuck, Rydstrom, I knocked her up." "You're going to be a father?" Gods help the world. I'm going to be an uncle? "I got Holly, like, on the first shot. Nix is calling me Bull's-eye and the Womb Raider.

Kresley Cole

#funny #holly-s-pregnancy #kresley-cole #rydstrom #funny

Nix had told Emma before she'd left for Europe that on this trip she would 'do that which you were born to do.' Apparently, Emma was born to get kidnapped by a deranged Lykae. Her fate sucked.

Kresley Cole

#kresley-cole #nix-the-ever-knowing #funny

Her heart sank. That's why he found her attractive- because he'd been so long without. He'd probably find a perfumed rock appealing at this point.

Kresley Cole

#kresley-cole #funny

It's a sweet setup, I'll admit. For all that the maids STILL show up each day with jumbo crucifixes, jumpy movements, and red eyes from crying over the short straw that drew them vampire duty.' Yesterday, she'd just stopped herself from raising her clenched hands above her head and chasing one of them around the room groaning, 'I vant to suck your blood.

Kresley Cole

#kresley-cole #vampire #vampires #funny

Lachlain and Emma: 'So you expect us to sit in this enclosed compartment the entire way in silence?' 'Of course not.' She clicked on the radio.

Kresley Cole

#kresley-cole #lachlain-macrieve #funny

Is your blouse Azzedine Alaia?' 'No, you could say it's VERY authentic vintage.' Lachlain didn't care what it was; she'd never wear that damned unfinished shirt in public again.

Kresley Cole

#kresley-cole #lachlain-macrieve #funny

An Angry female catawyld? Conquered. An outraged female dragon? Defeated. A woman who might pin him to the wall with green-eyed fury? Out of the question.

Nicole Sager

#humor #nicole-sager #humor

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