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At twelve I was determined to shoot only For honor; at twenty not to shoot at all; I know at thirty-three that one must shoot As often as one gets the rare chance - In killing there is more than commentary.

Allen Tate

#commentary #determined #gets #honor #i

Being in prison for seven years was like being in an army that never drilled, never deployed, and only fought itself.

Raegan Butcher

#poetry #prison #social-commentary #sociology #sociology

We're living in a funny world kid, a peculiar civilization. The police are playing crooks in it, and the crooks are doing police duty. The politicians are preachers, and the preachers are politicians. The tax collectors collect for themselves. The Bad People want us to have more dough, and the good people are fighting to keep it from us. It's not good for us, know what I mean? If we had all we wanted to eat, we'd eat too much. We'd have inflation in the toilet paper industry. That's the way I understand it. That's about the size of some of the arguments I've heard.

Jim Thompson

#social-commentary #funny

Welcome to Hell. Here's your accordion.

Gary Larson

#humor #satire #social-commentary #humor

I alternate between feeling sympathetic toward humanity and being a misanthrope. When I'm sympathetic, it usually means I haven't been around people in awhile.

John R. Lindensmith

#humor #misanthrope #social-commentary #humor

War is politics for everyone but the warrior.

Tiffany Madison

#iraq-war #political-commentary #politics #war #war-on-terror

Any good broadcast, not just an Olympic broadcast, should have texture to it. It should have information, should have some history, should have something that's offbeat, quirky, humorous, and where called for it, should have journalism, and judiciously it should also have commentary. That's my ideal.

Bob Costas

#any #broadcast #called #commentary #good

Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?

Douglas Adams

#humor #science-fiction #social-commentary #thumb #towel

I wrote Unwind for lots of reasons, and it poses questions about a lot of subjects. To state it briefly, I wanted to point out how when people take intractable positions on an issue, and stick to extreme sides, sometimes the result is a compromise that is worse than either extreme. I meant it as a wake up call to society -- and to point out that sometimes the problem IS that we take sides on an issue, when a different sort of approach is needed. It's also to pose questions about what it means to be alive. Where does life begin, where does it end -- and point out that there is no single answer to these questions. The problem is people who think there are simple answers. People who see things as simple black-and-white right-and-wrong are the type of people who will end up with a world like the world in Unwind.

Neal Shusterman

#dystopian #morality #sanctity-of-life #social-commentary #unwind

Two people, two hands, and two songs, in this case "Big Shot" and "Bette Davis Eyes." The lyrics of the two songs provided no commentary, honest or ironic, on the proceedings. They were merely there and always underfoot, the insistent gray muck that was pop culture. It stuck to our shoes and we tracked it through our lives.

Colson Whitehead

#life #music #pop-culture #songs #life

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