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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #economics

[Economics] is all about observing the world with genuine curiosity and admitting that it is full of mysteries

Steven E. Landsburg


Whoever claims that economic competition represents 'survival of the fittest' in the sense of the law of the jungle, provides the clearest possible evidence of his lack of knowledge of economics.

George Reisman

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Complexity is not an aesthetic criterion. It is a quality associated only with division and organization of labor.

Christopher Caudwell

#art #beauty #economics #poetry #truth

Copyright law has got to give up its obsession with 'the copy.' The law should not regulate 'copies' or 'modern reproductions' on their own. It should instead regulate uses--like public distributions of copies of copyrighted work--that connect directly to the economic incentive copyright law was intended to foster.

Lawrence Lessig

#economics #law #art

Journalism students need to understand it and need a solid background in the liberal arts, in sociology, economics, literature and language, because they won't get it later on.

Harrison Salisbury

#background #because #economics #get #journalism

Economics has never been a science - and it is even less now than a few years ago.

Paul Samuelson

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It has been more profitable for us to bind together in the wrong direction than to be alone in the right one.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

#economics #herd-behavior #behavior

Under capitalism the common man enjoys amenities which in ages gone by were unknown and therefore inaccessible even to the richest people. But, of course, these motorcars, television sets and refrigerators do not make a man happy. In the instant in which he acquires them, he may feel happier than he did before. But as soon as some of his wishes are satisfied, new wishes spring up. Such is human nature.

Ludwig von Mises


It appears - because it has been the case for twenty years - that every problem is solvable...that no matter how badly the world economy slumps there is a pain-free way out of it. Once the realization dawns that there is not, and that the pain will be severe, the question is posed that has not really been posed for twenty years: who should feel it?

Paul Mason

#capitalism #economics #age

When we must pay the true price for the depletion of nature’s gifts, materials will become more precious to us, and economic logic will reinforce, and not contradict, our heart’s desire to treat the world with reverence and, when we receive nature’s gifts, to use them well.

Charles Eisenstein

#charles-eisenstein #ecology #economics #gaia #gift-giving

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