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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #embarrassment

Failure to shed tears is a failure to live life fully. And the one thing that life requires of us all is to live it. Never be embarrassed by your ability to be alive.

Amy Neftzger

#crying #embarrassment #life #life-lessons #sad-days

Anyone who isn't embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn't learning enough.

Alain de Botton

#embarrassment #learning #life #time #change

I deeply regret those situations that have blemished the image of the University of Oklahoma, and I hope that I can rectify the embarrassment I have brought the university.

Brian Bosworth

#deeply #embarrassment #hope #i #i can

The band broke up because I couldn't bear Rotten anymore because he was an embarrassment with his silly hats and his, like, shabby, dirty, nasty looking appearance.

Sid Vicious

#appearance #band #bear #because #broke

Writing in other voices is almost Japanese in the sense that there's a certain formality there which allows me to sidestep the embarrassment of directly expressing to complete strangers the most intimate details of my life.

Suzanne Vega

#almost #certain #complete #details #directly

I'm not a big texter anyway. I'm really slow at it and so I try to avoid it to avoid embarrassment, you know what I mean?

Callan McAuliffe

#avoid #big #embarrassment #i #know

To my embarrassment I was born in bed with a lady.

Wilson Mizner

#born #embarrassment #i #i was born #lady

So, what are you doing with my little sister today?” Daniel asked. I closed my eyes in defeat. “I’m afraid I can’t ruin the surprise,” Noah said. “But I promise I’ll return her intact.” He did not just say that. Daniel cackled

Michelle Hodkin

#embarrassment #humor #humor

Thinking, not for the first time, that life should come with a trapdoor. Just a little exit hatch you could disappear through when you´d utterly and completely mortified yourself. Or when you had spontaneous zit eruptions. “Good book?” he asked, taking it from her and reading the subtitle, “A Guide for Good Girls Who (Sometimes) Want to Be Bad,” out loud. But life did not come with a trapdoor.

Michele Jaffe

#funny #teen #funny

Seeing him like this, dressed just for her in so patent a manner, she could not hold back the fiery blush that rose to her face. She was embarrassed when she greeted him, and he was more embarrassed by her embarrassment. The knowledge that they were behaving as if they were sweethearts was even more embarrassing, and the knowledge that they were both embarrassed embarrassed them so much that Captain Samaritano noticed it with a tremor of compassion.

Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

#love #sweethearts #love

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