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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #environmentalism

Contact means the exchange of specific knowledge, ideas, or at least of findings, definite facts. But what if no exchange is possible? If an elephant is not a giant microbe, the ocean is not a giant brain.

James Lovelock


What art should do, I think, is advance the generation into the next era. It should be one step ahead of the ordinary, ahead of what is already known. Art is what pulls on the next age. I’m not saying that my art is that, but that it would be good if it could be.

Andy Couturier

#community #environmentalism #green #japan #sustainability

One planet, one experiment.

Edward O. Wilson

#science #experience

This book was written using 100% recycled words.

Terry Pratchett

#environmentalism #humor #humor

Contrary to the ecologists, nature does not stand still and does not maintain the kind of equilibrium that guarantees the survival of any particular species - least of all the survival of her greatest and most fragile product: man.

Ayn Rand

#man #philosophy #nature

To people who think of themselves as God's houseguests, American enterprise must seem arrogant beyond belief. Or stupid. A nation of amnesiacs, proceeding as if there were no other day but today. Assuming the land could also forget what had been done to it.

Barbara Kingsolver


Did I just see you litter?' 'I'm driving a hybrid. It cancels out.

Michelle Hodkin


Recycling and speed limits are bullshit. They're like someone who quits smoking on his deathbed.

Chuck Palahniuk

#realism #environmentalism

Why is it that so many people start to value money so much that they trade in most of the hours and years of their life in order to get it?

Andy Couturier

#environmentalism #green #japan #sustainability #money

Here we are, the most clever species ever to have lived. So how is it we can destroy the only planet we have?

Jane Goodall

#environmentalism #nature #preservation #nature

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