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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #spiritual

When you look in the mirror, remember that who you see looking back at you is a piece of your highest self, the Divine.

Alice Hocker

#self-help #spirituality #motivational

Certainty is missing the point entirely.

Anne Lamott


Do not be satisfied with God's calling or His gifts in your life. Be satisfied with Jesus Christ Himself.

Brother Yun


God is acting on your soul all the time, whether you have spiritual sensations or not.

Evelyn Underhill

#god #sensations #soul #spiritual #time

If you know someone that has given up hope, try giving that person some of your peace, joy, and faith!

Molly Friedenfeld

#beacon-of-light #faith #hope #spirituality #faith

When she remembers to look at herself in a spiritual light, she sees the deep capacity for love this pain has brought her. The realization fills her with wonder. Now she can rise in the morning and greet the new day with eagerness and grace.

Harold Kemp

#grace #love #pain #spiritual-dreaming #wonder

If you can cultivate the right attitude, your enemies are your best spiritual teachers because their presence provides you with the opportunity to enhance and develop tolerance, patience and understanding.

Dalai Lama XIV


Love one another. Love yourself. Then love will find you whole not half.

K. Taylor

#romance #spirituality #dating

One of the most freeing discoveries these past few years in my relationship with God is discovering that God is not a belief system or a fixed set of theological propositions.

Jim Palmer

#god #shedding-religion #spirituality #freedom

You can easily tell when someone has been hit by a spear. he turns a deep shade of bitter. David never got hit. Gradually, he learned a very well-kept secret... One, never learn anything about the fashionable, easily mastered art of spear throwing. Two, stay out of the company of all spear throwers. And three, keep your mouth tightly closed. In this way, spears will never touch you, even when they pierce your heart.

Gene Edwards A Tale of Three Kings

#spiritual #art

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