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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #espionage

Hatred could not be the basis of her resolution to fight. It provided no access to her own qi, her vital spirit. That was the deepest truth she knew about fighting. It’s what she learned from her father and Sensei: fight from the peaceful place inside, from her father’s place.

Jacques Antoine

#martial-arts #wuxia #art

I’m sorry about this,' she said to the dead woman, 'but I’m gonna need your clothes.

Jacques Antoine

#death #espionage-thriller #martial-arts #wuxia #art

When I accepted the commission, I had something of an epiphany in the research I did about the agency, actually the science of espionage. I realized there is a connection between the sciences and the invisible forces of man.

James Sanborn

#accepted #actually #agency #between #commission

I think all artists struggle to represent the geometry of life in their own way, just like writers deal with archetypes. There are only so many stories that you can tell, but an infinite number of storytellers.

Henry Mosquera

#conspiracy #espionage #hacker #latin-america #martial-arts

Cono felt embarrassed by the thought that he might have been just another pitiful orphan trying to turn his friends into family, and that he might be blinded by this need, a need that colored his whole life, that ache to offer worth to someone.

Victor Robert Lee

#espionage #genetics #kazakhstan #spy-thriller #family

Even President Reagan couldn’t understand him. During an early briefing Casey delivered to the national security cabinet, Reagan slipped Vice President Bush a note: “Did you understand a word he said?” Reagan later told William F. Buckley, “My problem with Bill was that I didn’t understand him at meetings. Now, you can ask a person to repeat himself once. You can ask him twice. But you can’t ask him a third time. You start to sound rude. So I’d just nod my head, but I didn’t know what he was actually saying.” Such was the dialogue for six years between the president and his intelligence chief in a nuclear-armed nation running secret wars on four continents.

Steve Coll

#politcs #intelligence

It came as naturally to him as breathing or lying, or worse. His mama had only taught her son to be cautious at all times. Garnette was more than that. Much, much more than that.

V.S. Carnes

#lie #nature

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take...Wayne Gretzky Take the Shot(s)

Shelley K. Wall

#fbi #romance #romantic-suspense #sports #suspense

Espionage, for the most part, involves finding a person who knows something or has something that you can induce them secretly to give to you. That almost always involves a betrayal of trust.

Aldrich Ames

#always #betrayal #espionage #finding #give

There are so many things a large intelligence espionage organization can do to justify its existence, that people can get promotions for, because it could result in results.

Aldrich Ames

#could #espionage #existence #get #intelligence

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