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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #georgia

I was raised all over. Kansas, Hawaii, Georgia, Texas and Kentucky, by the time I was 11.

Jeri Ryan

#georgia #hawaii #i #i was raised #kansas

So, we went from being an Athens band to being a Georgia band to being a Southern band to being an American band from the East Coast to being an American band and now we're kind of an international phenomenon.

Michael Stipe

#athens #band #being #coast #east

When we did eventually get to the party - me walking next to Dad's Volvo driving at five miles an hour - I had a horrible time. Everyone laughed at first but then more or less ignored me. In a mood of defiant stuffed oliveness I did have a dance by myself but things kept crashing to the floor around me. The host asked if I would sit down. I had a go at that but it was useless. In the end I was at the gate for about an hour before Dad arrived.

Louise Rennison

#humor #humour #stuffed-oliveness #humor

Watching TV mum said," Do you miss your dad?" And I said," Who?

Louise Rennison

#humor #lousie-rennison #humor

My version of "Georgia" became the state song of Georgia. That was a big thing for me, man. It really touched me. Here is a state that used to lynch people like me suddenly declaring my version of a song as its state song. That is touching.

Ray Charles

#big #big thing #declaring #georgia #here

For the entire state of Georgia, having the premiere of Gone With the Wind on home ground was like winning the Battle of Atlanta 75 years late.

Anne Edwards

#battle #entire #georgia #gone #gone with the wind

Unbelievable! I said, "What would I be doing walking the streets at night as a stuffed olive- gate-crashing cocktail parties?

Louise Rennison

#humor #lousie-rennison #humor

When uncle Eddie does his impression of 'Like a Virgin' it's like Madonna is coming out of his body!' Christ what an image.

Louise Rennison


The thing that helped me get into the film business was that I went to school in Athens, Georgia and managed to get on, um, working on music videos for a band called R.E.M. and that kind of opened up a lot of doors for me.

Alton Brown

#band #business #called #doors #film

It is in Virginia and Georgia that the war now rages and where it will continue; for at these points - Richmond and Atlanta - the enemy's main strength is concentrated.

Knute Nelson

#concentrated #continue #enemy #georgia #main

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