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I bite off the fingers and spit them out. Lord Loss screams obligingly. One of the snakes digs its fangs into my bald skull and rips out a chunk of flesh. I snatch the snake from its heartless home and chew its head off. I'm starting to enjoy this biting business.

Darren Shan

#lord-loss #snakes #business

When you can love yourself, then your heart is open to give and receive love.

Daveda Gruber

#poetrywithpassion-com #love

Europe, in legend, has always been the home of subtle philosophical discussion; America was the land of grubby pragmatism.

Daniel Bell

#america #been #discussion #europe #grubby

One stood behind me and ran her hands down my chest, her breasts rubbing against my back. The next stood in front of me holding onto my shirt and pulling me close to her as she ground into me seductively. The third danced slowly and seductively with the second girl, giving the girl-on-girl effect. I knew I was going to burst at any moment, so I had to close my eyes and take repeated deep breaths to calm down. "What’s the matter Aid-man, you feeling a little frustrated?" Dixon boasted from under his lap dancer. "Shut up Dixon." Though I didn’t really want him to shut up, his teasing was distracting me pretty well. "I’m going to kill you for this." "Oh no little man!" He laughed loudly. "Thank your future wife! That one is on her!" he howled.

Sadie Grubor

#sadie-grubor #save-the-date #dating

Because we live in a world under siege,” I say. “Life sucks for mages and magicians- you taught me that. Bad things happen to those of us who get involved, but if we didn't fight, we'd be in an even worse state. None of it it’s your fault, any more than it’s the fault of the moon or the stars.” Dervish nods slowly, then arches an eyebrow “The moon or the stars?” “I always get poetic when I'm dealing with self-pitying simpletons.

Darren Shan

#humor #humour #humor

Grub first, then ethics.

Bertolt Brecht

#first #grub #then

Most of life is routine - dull and grubby, but routine is the momentum that keeps a man going. If you wait for inspiration you'll be standing on the corner after the parade is a mile down the street.

Ben Nicholas

#corner #down #dull #going #grubby

Kernel grins. “To the death, Master Grady?” “To the death, Master Fleck,” I grin back. Then we both say together, “But not ours!

Darren Shan

#kernel-fleck #death

But you're like me,” he says. “An outsider. Different. A freak. We're both weird, which is why we get along.

Darren Shan

#friendship #grubbs-grady #friendship

Then we still have time!” I gasp. “It’s not too late. We know what he’s going to do. We’ll return to the cave and fight.” “We?” Kernel says sarcastically. “Yes! I’ll fight to save Dervish and Bill-E. I don’t care what those monsters throw at us. When it’s family, it’s different.” “You really think you can choose not to be a coward if and when it suits you?” Kernel jeers. Beranabus interrupts wearily before I can retort. “It doesn't matter. You're arguing about nothing. The time for heroics has passed.

Darren Shan

#family #grubbs-grady #kernel-fleck #family

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