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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #heartache

I barely brushed towards her cheek as I moved towards her mouth, her nails tickled my chest, driving me insane. Kissing her became my single reason for breathing.

Katie McGarry

#baby #desire #heartache #let-me-love-you-noah #love

Her eyes were a rich dark brown that were so deep, they reminded me of my sleepless nights, awake, staring into complete darkness. I felt compelled to look deeper, searching for something inside her, but her soul was covered and her eyes would not show me.

Cristina Martin

#literary #mystery #romance-love-heartache #thriller #love

Power contains secrets...Secrets contain knowledge...Knowledge contains power.

Susan Waterwyk

#romance-love-heartache #love

As I spoke of another's love and looked into the wide, blue windows of her soul, a rich, insistent yearning flooded my senses. --"Tango

Kurt Vonnegut

#love #love

We’re soldiers, Emily. If we’re not elders or council members then that’s all we are. We’re here to serve those above us. We’re novel worthy, day walking, blood sucking, tortured souls trapped in a body that can’t die for all eternity with no feelings, no emotions and no heart. We don’t get to feel love, passion or desire. We do as we’re told, for the good of the clan and because we’re told to do it. And we protect people. So whatever grand delusions you have about being some kind of wonderful child and the master’s favorite are just misguided attempts to feel human again. Get over it.

Elaine White

#vampire #vampire-romance #love

He had always prided himself on his ability to bargain, to bluff, to contain his ever-aching heart within the folds of his robes where no one could see his pain and his shame. Unconsciously, he reached up and fisted the little black pearl in his fingers, searching for words, praying to the Almighty for the words that would let him have her. But they would not come. They were not needed, when the truth was in his eyes.

V.S. Carnes

#romance #romance-love-heartache #love

I love you forever. I am sorry I cannot love you now.

Nick Harkaway

#heartache #heartbreak #love #love-hurts #love-letter

Aku pernah mengalah di masa lalu. Dan kini, aku bisa saja menyerah kembali, agar ia dapat memilih lelaki yang terbaik baginya. Namun bagaimana mungkin aku melakukannya, jika ternyata lelaki terbaik itu adalah diriku sendiri - Forgotten

Nay Sharaya

#teen-fiction #teenage-love #love

I feel my heart ache, but I've forgotten what that feeling means.

Chuck Palahniuk

#forgotten #heart-ache #heartache

my own chocolate center has filled up with poison, the roses he gave me all twisted black

Terra Elan McVoy

#bitter #bittersweet #heartache #heartbreak #sad

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