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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #heartbreak

Don't you EVER break someone's heart, because they only have one. Break their bones, they have 206 on those!

Jayy Von Monroe

#love #music #love

One of the things that make our version that much more heartbreaking is that even though I am playing a 24-year-old I look much younger. I look like a child.

Rooney Mara

#child #even #heartbreaking #i #i am

To try to really land a spacecraft really on another world is really difficult, and if we lose that ability, it's going to be heartbreaking.

Bill Nye

#another #difficult #going #heartbreaking #land

I could write about how I feel when I sing, write and create something from heartbreak, sorrow, sadness or just simply nothingness. How nothingness can become the most beautiful, unexplainable feeling that makes you forget about gravity for an hour.

Charlotte Eriksson

#beautiful-chaos #creative-process #creativity #heartbreak #inspiration

I'm here!" I said..."I'm read to go home!" As if they couldn't see me. As if I couldn't remember what it had been like, fluttering next to someone's ear and whispering into it. How the whole earth was like a musical instrument that we could play effortlessly. ...I could not fly. My sister was not there. My heart was broken.

Carolyn Turgeon

#fairy #godmother #heart #heartbreak #wings

Yeah, you lose this attitude, I can help you work that hurt out.” Who was this man? He held onto his tragedy for seventeen fucking years, how could he stand there and tell me he could help me work through mine? “Really, Joe? Like you helped me work out my grief at losing Tim?” I asked sarcastically. “That’s not what I was offerin’, buddy, but you want it like that I’ll give it to you.” “You’re unbelievable,” I snapped. “I’m yours.” That socked me in the gut too, so hard it winded me and all I could do was stare up at him. Taking advantage, his face dipped close and his hands curled around both sides of my head. “First fuckin’ time you smiled at me in my bed, that’s when it happened,” he murmured.

Kristen Ashley

#joe #lovers #violet #attitude

I found that the only way I could control this sorrow was not to think of [it] at all, which was almost as painful as the loss itself.

Robin McKinley

#grief #heartbreak #loss #sorrow #beauty

I wish I believed him. He's looking at me like he can see where I begin.

Amy McNamara

#grief #heartbreak #inspirational #love #beauty

Some people don't care if they live or they die. Some people want to know what it feels like to fly. They gather their courage and they give it a try And fall under the wheels of time going by.

Patty Griffin


I looked at Lucas with the pang that a parent feels when he knows his child will be hurt and that it's no one's fault and that to try to preempt the rites of passage is an act of contempt for the child's courage.

James Lee Burke

#heartbreak #parenthood #courage

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