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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #irish

I'm just a loud Irish guy.

Bill O'Reilly

#i #irish #just #loud

The Irish job was something that had to be sorted out.

Jack Charlton

#irish #job #out #something #sorted

The Bronze and Iron Age peoples saw water as having supernatural powers whilst its dark mysterious depths were seen as the gateway to the underworld. People felt compelled to make offerings to the Deities, which they believed inhabited these magical places, as evidenced by many archaeological finds including jewellery, plaques, coins and both animal and human remains. No doubt these were the original ‘wishing wells’ that we throw our small change into today, in the hope that the spirit of the place will grant our heart’s desire!

Carole Carlton

#carole-carlton #imbolc #irish-celts #lughnasadh #moon-magic

The same hand that can write a beautiful poem, can knock you out with one punch—that's Poetic Justice.

"Irish" Wayne Kelly

#boxing #german #irish #wayne-kelly #wayne-l-kelly

Ava was blessed with amazing beauty but was academically challenged. Angelina tried to give her a quick introduction to computers but was horrified at Ava’s lack of knowledge and complete failure to understand. Ava called the CD drawer the cup holder and honestly thought it was her holding her coffee or drink when typing. She thought the monitor was the telly and the mouse was the roller. She kept exiting programmes instead of closing documents and kept deleting items and forgetting to save things. Things happened Angelina’s computers that never happened before: programs failed to respond and the computer kept crashing. She typed e-mails and then printed them and put them in an envelope to post them, Angelina was speechless. She even killed a machine by constant abuse for the week. It just died the screen went blank and a message came up of fundamental hard drive failure, the monitor went black and the keyboard and mouse went dead and could not be restored. It went to the computer scrap yard, RIP. Angelina ran her out of the IT dept in their firm terrified she’d cause any more mayhem. She was the absolute blonde bombshell when it came to computers

Annette J. Dunlea

#honey-trap #irish-writer #beauty

Boxers, like prostitutes, are in the business of ruining their bodies for the pleasure of strangers.

"Irish" Wayne Kelly

#boxing #german #irish #wayne-kelly #wayne-l-kelly

Gladstone .. spent his declining years trying to guess the answer to the Irish Question; unfortunately, whenever he was getting warm, the Irish secretly changed the Question, ...

W.C. Sellar

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irish dance soft shoes

#irish-dancing-shoes-for-sale #change

Mrs Darley, I noticed, always had her corn dolly amidst an arrangement of cornflowers and poppies (albeit they were artificial!). The corn, I was to later understand, represented the God, the red poppies his sacrificial blood and the blue cornflowers his death and this is something I still adhere to today.

Carole Carlton

#carole-carlton #corn-doll #corn-dolls #corn-dolly #cornflower

She let her mind drift, thinking about new lingerie designs, wishing she'd brought along her sketchpad. Inspiration could strike at the most inconvenient times--in the shower, in the car, on this road--but she was grateful it was with her again, an old companion with whom she was getting reacquainted, pleased to find they could take up where they'd left off, as if there'd been no estrangement at all.

Heather Barbieri

#inspirational #irish #literary-fiction #design

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