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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #isolation

You know, that single girl life and that sense of isolation - that doesn't leave you just like that. And that's what that song is about. I remember that, and that is imprinted on me, that sense.

Mary Chapin Carpenter

#girl #i #i remember #imprinted #isolation

If isolation tempers the strong, it is the stumbling-block of the uncertain.

Paul Cezanne

#strong #tempers #uncertain

If a man were living in isolation his income would be literally his product. Make him the monarch and owner of an island, and the fruits that he raises and the clothing that he makes constitute, in themselves, his income. This ceases to be true when trading begins.

John Bates Clark

#begins #ceases #clothing #constitute #fruits

Our time was most delightfully spent, in mutual Protestations of Freindship, and in vows of unalterable Love, in which we were secure from being interrupted, by intruding and disagreeable Visistors, as Augustus and Sophia had on their first Entrance in the Neighbourhood, taken due care to inform the surrounding Families, that as their happiness centered wholly in themselves, they wished for no other society.

Jane Austen

#isolation #jane-austen #love-and-friendship #satire #visitors

Providing a writer isn't put off by conventions - and some are - attending them can be a nice break from the necessary isolation of writing.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

#break #conventions #isolation #necessary #nice

There is a terrible beauty to isolation. You don’t have to accept responsibility for others, or live up to their expectations. You could dip your toe into humanity’s maelstrom from time to time, or sit on the river bank and observe.

Celia Stander

#isolation #philosophy #beauty

Our story is never written in isolation. We do not act in a one-man play. We can do nothing that does not affect other people, no matter how loudly we say, "It's my own business.

Madeleine L'Engle

#madeleine-l-engle #our-story #walking-on-water #art

Reading enables me to maintain a sense of something substantive– my ethical integrity, my intellectual integrity.

Jonathan Franzen

#integrity #isolation #reading #self-knowledge #social-change

Tess realized one of the great modern dating sadnesses: everyone is so used to the comforting glow of the computer screen that no one can go so far as to say "good morning" in public without being liquored up.

Amelia Gray

#alienation #dating #digital-age #isolation #age

Maybe that's what growing up means, in the end - you go far enough in the direction of - somewhere - and you realise that you've neutered the capacity of the term home to mean anything. [...] We don't get an endless number of orbits away from the place where meaning first arises, that treasure-house of first experiences. What we learn, instead, is that our adventures secure us in our isolation. Experience revokes our licence to return to simpler times. Sooner or later, there's no place remotely like home.

Gregory Maguire

#home #isolation #experience

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