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The corner of his mouth twitched with an arrogant smirk. “You are my mate, sì?” “Mate?” Like, as in…first? Buddy? Other shoe? Niccolo took another small step forward, lightly pressing his body, and every hard part in between, against hers. Her body instantly responded with prickly goose bumps. “Your mate,” he said, then slowly bent his head to nuzzle her neck. “Designed by fate and the universe to be your ideal companion in every way.

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

#niccolo #design

I'll follow thee and make a heaven out of hell, To die by your hand which I love so well.

William Shakespeare


Everything has taken on a strange, distant quality - the sounds of running and shouting outside get warped and weird like they're being filtered through water, and Alex looks miles away. I start to think I might be dreaming, or about to pass out. And then I decide I'm definitely dreaming, because as I'm watching, Alex starts peeling his shirt off over his head.

Lauren Oliver

#delirium #dreaming #funny #lauren-oliver #lena-holloway

His eyes are the color of honey. These are the eyes I remember from my dreams.

Lauren Oliver

#delirium #lena-haloway #requiem #dreams

As I recall, I was still dressed when I fell asleep." "Just making sure you were comfortable." "And making yourself equally comfortable, I see.

Kelley Armstrong

#comfortable #elena #equality

Because I think you're right. You can make a difference." He told me experiences were kind of like fate, and fate usually came in the form of a test. He told me fate liked to be worshiped. It liked to see us fall on out knees before it offered to help us up..." ♥

Lauren Oliver

#determination #fate #inspiration #lena-holoway #life

She was still looking down and she saw tears spill from her eyes and fall toward Damon’s outstretched arms. Elena didn’t know why she was crying, but part of it was sorrow for her ever having doubted him. Because Damon wasn’t just on her side. Unless she was wrong, he was willing to die for her - was courting death for her.

L.J. Smith

#elena #death

When you warned me that you would test me from time to time, I thought you meant spiking my food. But it seems there is more than one way to poison a person’s heart, and it doesn’t even require a meal.

Maria V. Snyder

#yelena #food

A tick of amusement flashed in Tomas’ eyes. “I can see you are not quite comfortable with leaving your quarters just yet, so may I order you some food?” Helena lifted her chin. She was determined to bury her fear, and that included her wobbly knees that seemed to recognize she was talking to a lion who, under normal circumstances, viewed her as a tasty gazelle. “Sausage Pizza and…Dr. Pepper.” Tomas stared for several moments, fear filling his eyes. “I am certain we can find you a pizza, but I was not aware you are ill and require a doctor. Niccolo will have my head.” This was going to be a very, very long day.

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

#tomas #food

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