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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #food

I was lucky to live in the 20th century, when gefilte fish could be purchased in a jar.

Barbara "Cutie" Cooper

#food #grandmothers #humor #jewish #food

Tis an ill cook that cannot lick his own fingers.

William Shakespeare

#humor #food

Our lives are one endless stretch of misery punctuated by processed fast foods and the occasional crisis or amusing curiosity.

Augusten Burroughs


There are only ten minutes in the life of a pear when it is perfect to eat.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Food, like a loving touch or a glimpse of divine power, has that ability to comfort.

Norman Kolpas


This could be a whole life," she thought. "You work eight hours a day covering wires to earn money to buy food and to pay for a place to sleep so that you can keep living to come back to cover more wires. Some people are born and kept living just to come to this...

Betty Smith

#work #food

You have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese.

Anthony Bourdain

#essays #food #romance #food

Throughout the years I have set up my own rules about eating food: Never eat anything you can't pronounce. Beware of food that is described as, "Some Americans say it tastes like chicken.

Erma Bombeck


I work in a hotel. I know what you’re probably thinking, and no, I am not a hooker. Not unless you’re not a cop.

Jarod Kintz

#funny #hooker #hospitality #hospitality-industry #hotel

Now we're going to save a bunch of dirty meatsacks from a bunch of dirty cannibals? Why don't we rescue some orphaned kittens and put food out for stray puppies while we're at it?

Julie Kagawa

#jackal #food

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