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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #mad

..he was 'nuts about her', as the parlance of the day had it, as if it were generally recognised that love and madness are adjoining rooms with extremely porous walls.

Jan Kjærstad

#love #madness #nuts #love

Be as intellectual as you like about it, but India is brilliantly mad. And if you want to love it, you have to hate it first.

Simon Dring

#madness-and-civilization #travel #love

Falling in love happens so suddenly that it seems, all at once, that you have always been in love.

Marya Hornbacher

#falling #love #madness #mental-illness #sudden

Depression is a sign of strength – because it means no matter how weak your mind might be to you, your heart is still strong enough to feel,

Emma Hart

#depression #maddie #the-love-game #love

And he rose, brontosaurus-like, to his place among the treetops.

Jeffrey Eugenides

#jeffrey-eugenides #madeleine-hanna #marriage-plot #marriage

I’ve given up men.” At that, he arched a brow. Be strong. Be confident. Be… Neytiri from Avatar. Okay, so Neytiri was a mythical creature, not to mention animated, but still. She was strong and confident, and that’s all that matters at the moment. “It’s true. At first, I was just going to give up attorneys, but that seemed immature—and far too exclusive, so I’m playing it safe and giving up all the penis-carrying humans.” Because that was so much more mature.

Jill Shalvis

#jackson #jax #maddie #men

There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.


#islam #muhammad-pbuh #islam

Madam Li nods. She reaches over the table for Chinatsu’s hand. It would look like a gesture of sympathy for a friend. Chinatsu uncurls her right hand and allows the money to be retrieved. The initial wedge of money that Madam Li takes now is more than she ever takes later on. It almost entirely depletes the stash of money she’s been saving for years. The woman’s magician-eyes are framed by the steam snaking from their tea. Cat-green, they are striking and marred by yellow jelly spots in the whites. ‘You no drink you no eat. What you, pregnant?’ ‘Would I be here?’ Madam Li screws her chin back into her neck. The chair creaks as she sits back, spine straight. ‘Well, if you not going eat drink speaking truth, fuck off.’ Chinatsu’s eyebrows flick up. She bursts out laughing.

Sarah Dobbs

#killing-daniel #madam-li #money

You foreigners,” he said. “You come to China and complain about the pollution, but I don’t know why.” He then gestured at the blurred landscape around us. “To me, this place smells like money.

Paul Midler


I guess in this culture of ever-shortening attention spans, it's good if a song can lift us out of the madness, even if only for a few minutes.

Peter Bradley Adams

#music #musician #song #music

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