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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #distance

I'm like the painter with his nose to the canvas, fussing over details. Gazing from a distance, the reader sees the big picture.

Steven Saylor

#big picture #canvas #details #distance #gazing

Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.

John Shirley

#close #disappear #distance #get #good

Upon the whole it was a Glorious day-Our men are in the Spirits-and I am confident we shall give them a total defeat the next Action; which is at no great distance.

Anthony Wayne

#am #confident #defeat #distance #give

Quinn spoke their language—all mystery and inside jokes, scarred souls and statement shirts. It was a beautiful moment for him—in his element and completely happy. When they started playing, he leaned over and whispered in my ear. “See that guitar?” I nodded. “That’s a 1969 Martin D28. Hear me when I say if I had to choose between a beautiful girl and that guitar, I’d choose the guitar. Natch.” He took a huge gulp of water, clearly affected. “Naturally,” I whispered. “It could be why you’re still single.

Laura Anderson Kurk

#glass-girl #guitar #henry-whitmire #indie-band #laura-anderson-kurk

It will be a welcome change for her to feel his hands on her hips and his breath in her hair; She's been forlorn, but like all emotions, even loneliness doesn't last. She has fallen in love with the man with the quiet strength, the confident humility and the hands that show the flame of the heart.

Donna Lynn Hope

#long-distance-relationships #romance #change

All of the emotions that hit people at times like these, all of them, were coursing through us both like a secret we couldn’t tell. Because if we said everything we were thinking and feeling right then…if we laid it all out for one another…we might not like the way the words strung together. Or the way fear and hope and bitterness and love mashed up into one big mess in the pits of our stomachs.

Laura Anderson Kurk

#dating #glass-girl #henry-whitmire #intimacy #laura-anderson-kurk

We formed an impromptu circle just so we could look at each other and memorize faces. We hardly noticed the waiting officials. We hardly noticed anything but our little family whose ties weren’t loosening at all. In fact, this impending separation only seemed to be binding us together with a double overhand knot, hard to untie and unfailing.

Laura Anderson Kurk

#desperation #family #glass-girl #government #grief

In my mind, I saw a string stretching from Henry’s heart at Quiet Waters to my heart. It was taut and it vibrated with Henry’s worries and fears and I felt them all. Deeply. I felt them all.

Laura Anderson Kurk

#dating #glass-girl #henry-whitmire #laura-anderson-kurk #long-distance-relationships

But Quinn held the fuzzy handcuffs in his hands, looking them over closely, and he smiled. “Oh, hey, did you want to keep these for when your invisible boyfriend returns from his fake vacation?

Laura Anderson Kurk

#glass-girl #henry-whitmire #high-school #laura-anderson-kurk #long-distance-relationships

Quit worrying so much about the boards and nails of your life. Focus on the stuff that lasts.” He glanced through the window toward the glowing light of the kitchen where Meg and my mom were laughing about something.

Laura Anderson Kurk

#glass-girl #henry-whitmire #laura-anderson-kurk #long-distance-relationship #love

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