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Think you can maybe not die for five minutes?" "I'll try,"I told him seriously. "You know, if anyone else said that, it would be funny.

Karen Chance

#marco #funny

You should listen to even the smallest voice, someday it could be the one that makes a difference.

Crystal Marcos

#children #crystal-marcos #inspirational #thoughts #inspirational

They think we’re intelligent. So, Marco, keep quiet. We don’t want them to learn the truth.” Rachel

Katherine Applegate

#intelligent #marco #quite #rachel #intelligence

What is the point of having free will if one cannot occasionally spit in the eye of destiny?

Jim Butcher

#destiny #johnnie-marcone #free

He goes directly to the ballroom, making his way to the center of the dance floor. He takes Celia’s arm, spinning her away from Herr Thiessen. Marco pulls her to him in an emerald embrace, so close that no one distinction remains between where his suite ends and her gown begins. To Celia there is suddenly no one else in the room as he holds her in his arms. But before she can vocalize her surprise, his lips close over hers and she is lost in wordless bliss. Marco kisses her as though they are the only two people in the world. The air swirls in a tempest around them, blowing open the glass doors to the garden with a tangle of billowing curtains. Every eye in the ballroom turns in their direction. And then he releases her and walks away. By the time Marco leaves the room, almost everyone has forgotten the incident entirely. It is replaced by a momentary confusion that is blamed on the heat or the excessive amounts of champagne. Herr Thiessen cannot recall why Celia has suddenly stopped dancing, or when her gown has shifted to its current deep green. “Is something wrong?” he asks, when he realizes that she is trembling.

Erin Morgenstern

#magic #marco-celia #blame

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