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Oh, Claire," he said. "You think me a far better man than I am. That's kind, and flattering." "Are you saying that you -" "Doughnuts!" Myrnin interrupted her and darted away, to zip back in seconds with an open box.

Rachel Caine

#doughnuts #ghost-town #morganville-vampires #myrnin #rachel-caine

There are always a few, Claire, who like being told what to do instead of being required to think. And those are the ones you should fear. That goes equally for humans, I'm afraid. Critical thinking has become a sadly rare skill these days.

Rachel Caine

#freedom #morganville-vampires #myrnin #rachel-caine #thinking

Claire was struggling through last summer’s diary volume when Myrnin popped in through the portal, wearing a big floppy black hat and a kind of crazy/stylish pimp coat that covered him from neck to ankles, black leather gloves, and a black and silver walking stick with a dragon’s head on it. And, on his lapel was a button that said, If you can read this, thank a teacher.

Rachel Caine

#myrnin #humor

I'm worried he's going something crazy." "He lives in a hole in the ground, dresses funny and occasionally eats his assistants," Eve said. "Define crazy." Claire closed her eyes. "Okay. I think he wants to put my brain in a jar and wire it into the machine." Dead silence.

Rachel Caine

#eve-rosser #myrnin #funny

How'd you get to be so good at this?" "I had a good teacher." "Better not have been Myrnin or I'll have to kick his predatory ass." "I mean you, dummy." "Oh.

Rachel Caine

#funny #ghost-town #humor #morganville-vampires #myrnin

I think so,” she [Claire] said. “Just watch your back, okay?” “Nah, Michael’s got mine.” He [Shane] looked straight into her eyes. “I’ve got yours.

Rachel Caine

#eve-rosser #funny #ghost-town #humor #michael-glass

They came out in a dim, damp basement - a generic sort of place, full of moulding boxes. 'You take me to the nicest places,' Claire said, and sneezed.

Rachel Caine

#claire-danvers #funny #humor #myrnin #rachel-caine

Claire watched as Shane hunted around and came up with a small crowbar, which he used to lever open the seals on the top of the barrel. The top was hinged in the middle, Claire realized, and he flipped that part over. "Score," he said, and raised the crowbar in triumph. "Who's your daddy?" Myrnin stared at him as if he'd gone completely mental. "Excuse me?" "Figure of speech," Claire said hastily.

Rachel Caine


I love arguing with you, Claire. You always surprise me. And occasionally, you even make sense.

Rachel Caine

#morganville-vampires #myrnin #love

I don’t see a way in,” Eve whispered. Why are you whispering?” Myrnin whispered back. “Vampires can hear us, anyway.

Rachel Caine

#morganville-vampires #myrnin #morganville-vampires

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