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A dying man asked a dying man for eternal life; a man without possessions asked a poor man for a Kingdom; a thief at the door of death asked to die like a thief and steal Paradise. One would have thought a saint would have been the first soul purchased over the counter of Calvary by the red coins of Redemption, but in the Divine plan it was a thief who was the escort of the King of kings into Paradise. If Our Lord had come merely as a teacher, the thief would never have asked for forgiveness. But since the thief's request touched the reason of His coming to earth, namely, to save souls, the thief heard the immediate answer: 'I promise thee, this day thou shalt be With Me in Paradise' (Luke 23:43) It was the thief's last prayer, perhaps even his first. He knocked once, sought once, asked once, dared everything, and found everything. When even the disciples were doubting and only one was present at the Cross, the thief owned and acknowledged Him as Saviour.

Fulton J. Sheen

#christ #forgiveness #heaven #jesus #paradise

But we did conclude that Ray had actually killed Dr. King pursuant to his theory that he was going to be able to get hold of that money. He had learned of this offer through his ties in the Missouri State Penitentiary.

Louis Stokes

#actually #conclude #did #dr #get

The men who start out with the notion that the world owes them a living generally find that the world pays its debt in the penitentiary or the poor house.

William Graham Sumner

#find #generally #house #living #men

I am in the penitentiary. The only thing that I do is my time.

Suge Knight

#i #i am #i do #my time #only

I will say that since our capture we have met with uniform kindness, and while in the penitentiary our relations with the officers have been cordially pleasant, and for their considerate and kind disposition we feel profoundly grateful.

Cole Younger

#capture #considerate #cordially #disposition #feel

The strong survive, but the courageous triumph.

Michael Scott

#nicholas-flamel #niten #sophie #survival #triumph

A life which has never been laid open in penitence and faith before God has little permanence in eternity.

R.K. Harrison

#faith #penitence #faith

There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.

Napoleon Hill

#burning desire #definiteness #desire #knowledge #must

If this gesture was the way of getting out of the penitentiary, I'd do it.

Lee J. Cobb

#getting #i #out #penitentiary #way

But maybe music was not intended to satisfy the curious definiteness of man. Maybe it is better to hope that music may always be transcendental language in the most extravagant sense.

Charles Ives

#better #curious #definiteness #extravagant #hope

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