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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #popular

The central challenge for educational systems around the world is the substitution of effectiveness for popularity.

Douglas B. Reeves

#effective #popular #professional-development #school #change

Look forward to the wonderment of growing up, raising a family and driving by the gas station where the popular kids now work.

Tim Dorsey

#growing-up #popularity-tim-dorsey #family

On faith’s battered back calm eyes etch prayers that cool a nation’s hot rage.


#forgiveness #intolerance #national-poetry-month #peace #popular-quotes

My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.

Adlai E. Stevenson II

#popularity #freedom

To be unpopular, you must look the part. Remember four words: plastic flowered swim cap.

Jennifer Ziegler

#popularity #unpopularity #funny

They were exactly the same morons that laugh like hyenas in the movies at stuff that isn't funny. I swear to God, if I were a piano player or an actor or something and all those dopes thought I was terrific, I'd hate it. I wouldn't even want them to clap for me. People always clap for the wrong things.

J.D. Salinger

#morons #people #popularity #funny

But I don't care what Megan Fox or Jessica Biel say: There are definite advantages to being the hottest girl on the planet. Number one was that I got paid for it. A lot.

Meg Cabot

#popularity #sex-appeal #humor

Given that there was that era of girl group music and it's still very popular, but I think if you looked at the chart from that time you would see many more men on it. Because the industry, they were catering to young girls. I mean, that's what they thought their audience was.

Lesley Gore

#because #catering #chart #era #girl

One of the eternal verities of human life is that if you make the same choices as other people, they will think you are intelligent.

George Hammond

#popularity #intelligence

There they were, the movers and shakers of Benjamin Franklin Hight - the sports stars, the cheerleaders, the good, the great, the gorgeous - bent over their pizzas. Trish sensed my angst and said, "My mother says girls like Lisa Shooty get the ultimate curse known to man." "What's that?" "Too much too soon." I looked at poor, cursed Lisa who had been sprayed with sex appeal at birth. She had gleaming teeth and long, raven-black curls. She threw back her head and laughed with diamond-studded joy. "When do you think the curse takes effect?" I asked. "Not in our lifetime," Trish answered. (Thwonk)

Joan Bauer

#humor #incrowd #jealousy #popular-kids #twonk

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