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I could feel my anger dissipating as the miles went by--you can't run and stay mad!

Kathrine Switzer

#running #anger

I took to the Kingswood the midsummer after the Dame died. I did not swear a vow, but I kept to myself just as strictly, living like a beast in the forest from one midsummer to the next, without fire or iron or the taste of meat. I lived as prey, and I learned from the dogs how to run, from the hare how to hide in the bracken, and from the deer how to go hungry. In sorrow and pride I exiled myself to Kingswood. I shunned fire for I feared the kingsmen would hunt me down, and so by the way of cold and hunger I came near to refusing life itself. I never thought to anger or please a god by it.

Sarah Micklem

#gods #hiding #hunger #running-away #survival

She's kind of like a Mary Poppins just before she turns to the dark side of the Force," Oberon said. He was still behind the counter, but he had a good lok at her as she exited. "Let go of your anger, Malina! There's still good in you! The Emperor hasn't driven it from you fully!

Kevin Hearne

#star-wars-humour-running #anger

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.

Twyla Tharp

#away #home #leaving #leaving home #only

Work is when you confront the problems you might otherwise be tempted to run away from

Rolf Potts

#running-away #work #art

Warum ist das eigentlich immer so?: Je mehr Geld die Kriegstreiber in den Nahen Osten pum-pen, desto weniger erhalten Organisationen, die etwas aufbauen wollen? Welche merkwürdige Art von Boykott! Mit dem Geld, das für einen einzigen Apache-Kampfhubschrauber ausge-geben wird, könnte unser Projekt für mehr als 1.500 Jahre finanziert werden, oder achtzig sol-che Projekte für 20 Jahre.. Das wären dann nach 20 Jahren 10.000 Jugendliche, die für ein Jahr in einer gemeinsamen Wohnung wohnten und mit Hunderttausenden Theater und andere Gemeindearbeit machten. Ein einziger Apache-Kampfhubschrauber!

Uri Shani

#israel #krieg #regierung #art

Heat radiated off Henry's face. Salty snot ran down his upper lip. A majestic fart propelled him to the top of Section 12, just at the springing of the stadium's curve. He slapped the sign as if high-fiving a teamate. It gave back a game shudder. He was crusing now, darkness be damned, stripping off his sweatshirt and his long underwear top without breaking stride.

Chad Harbach

#funny #running #art

Every day is a good day when you run.

Kevin Nelson

#running #attitude

I'm just a regular guy who up until a few years ago totally underestimated what I felt I was capable of. Since then my experiences have taught me that we are all capable of the extraordinary in our lives.

Ray Zahab

#perseverance #running #attitude

Don't run away. Im not running away. Im already gone. -Lena and Ethan

Kami Garcia


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