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It is not your time, love. You will not die tonight. All this time she thought herself in love with the notion of Death. His gallantry, his beautiful soul. She believed he loved her because he had spared her from his grip. But it had not been Death, but Black. “Why?” she asked, and her body shook, knowing his sacrifice, knowing he knew her most guarded secret. “Because I loved you,” he murmured. “I couldn’t let you go, because I knew I could no longer see you, I couldn’t live, either.” Black had risked his life to save her from taking her own. He rose, helped her up and clutched her in his arms. “It is too soon for you to make your decision,” he said. “Come to me when you know what you want. My wishes will remain unchanged.” “What do you want?” He kissed her, pressed her body into his hot, hard one. “To be inside you. To lay you out and touch you with my hands, my mouth and tongue. I want to slip deep inside you and never leave. I want to wake up in the morning and open my eyes to find you lying there next to me. I want to look at my children and see you in their little faces.” “Jude,” she whispered, holding him, weakening. “But I want you to want that as much as I do, Isabella.” “We have too many secrets,” she began. “Our pasts…” “Secrets, like passion, are meant to be spent. I will bear all my sins, all my secrets, when you come to me. It’s all I can offer. You see, little love, I’m afraid, too, but the difference between us is that I believe it’s worth it to face that fear if it means that I’ll have you.

Charlotte Featherstone

#isabella #jude #seduction-and-scandal #beauty

Am I to die?” I asked, and he stopped, raised our joined hands to his mouth and gently kissed my knuckles. “You are, my love, and in your sleep, you will become Death’s bride.

Charlotte Featherstone

#isabella-s-imagination #seduction-and-scandal #death

You are so bizarre, even for a human." "Thanks.

Stephenie Meyer

#isabella-swan #bizarre

And there, tucked in his soul, was the love he felt for Sabella since the moment he had seen her.

Lora Leigh

#love-at-first-sight #malone #nathan #noah #sabella

The first time I met death, it was at a ball and we danced a waltz.

Charlotte Featherstone

#isabella-s-imagination #seduction-and-scandal #death

The mountains were breathtakingly beautiful. It was so serene and tranquil. The rising sun with other balloons around it painted the sky with a silhouette that was major eye candy.

Jenna Roads


Wow, you must be in love if you are willing to sacrifice your manhood for the ultimate chick flick.

Jenna Roads


Didn’t your mother tell you boys tease the girls they like?” “That only applies to children.” “All men are babies.” “Point taken.” Chloe and Stella- The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club

J.C. Isabella

#jc-isabella #zack-warren #men

It wouldn't be my move," Jace agreed. " First the candy and flowers, then the apology letters, THEN the ravenous demon hordes. In that order." "He might have sent her candy and flowers," Isabelle said. "We don't know." "Isabelle," said Hodge patiently, "this is the man who rained down destruction on Idris the like of which it had never seen,who set shadowhunter against Downworlder and made the streets of the Glass City run with blood." "That's sort of hot," Isabella argued, " that evil thing.

Cassandra Clare

#hodge #isabella #jace #flowers

Tis not your time, my love,” he whispered. “You will not die tonight.” “Never,” I said to him, “for I have been blessed by Death’s Eternal Kiss.

Charlotte Featherstone

#isabella-s-imagination #seduction-and-scandal #death

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