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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #treason

The treason of which I stand convicted loses all its guilt, has been sanctified as a duty, and will be ennobled as a sacrifice.

Thomas Francis Meagher

#convicted #duty #ennobled #guilt #i

The world, as transformed by this creative deed, is better than it would have been had all else remained the same, but had that deed of treason not been done at all.

Josiah Royce

#better #creative #deed #done #else

All men should have a drop of treason in their veins, if nations are not to go soft like so many sleepy pears.

Rebecca West

#go #like #many #men #nations

I was confided to your loyalty and accepted by your treason; you offer my death to those to whom you had promised my life. Do you know who it is you are destroying here? It is yourself.

Victor Hugo

#treason #death

She was trying to find the section that described the penalties for treason. She'd browsed through the section at one point and vaguely recalled a long list of punishments culminating with the guilty party being ritually trampled to death by the population of the village of Avebury, which seemed unlikely, or at least somewhat difficult to arrange.

Daniel O'Malley

#treason #death

To make a deliberate falsification for personal gain is the last, worst depth to which either scholar or artist can descend in work or life. (Letter to Muriel St. Clare Byrne, 8 September 1935)

Dorothy L. Sayers

#artists #falsification #gain #greed #honesty

He’d passed the longest night of his life locked in mortal combat with his ghosts, calling up and then disavowing twenty years of memories. He would banish that bitch from his heart if it meant cutting her out with his own dagger. And when at last he allowed himself to grieve, he did so silently and unwillingly, his tears hidden by the darkness, his rage congealing into a core of ice.

Sharon Kay Penman

#marriage #treason #life

Treacherous people do not last only memories of their treason last. So will it last with emotions mixed, of love and hate for treacherous ones.

Amit Abraham

#memories #treacherous #treason #love

Pah…commoners, traders." Ergus made a disparaging gesture. Traders with money, Ergus. Money they put at the disposition of young Tanahkos," Lmachdan said in a dry tone. "Money that turns into soldiers. Soldiers who are used to extort tribute from us. Tribute that is turned into more soldiers. The warlord has a good thing going, I'll say that for him.

Andrew Ashling

#greed #nobles #paying-taxes #power #rich-men

But the technology was accessible, which suggests incompetence on the part of our counterintelligence community and the Clinton Administration, and may in fact rise to the level of treason.

Charles Foster Bass

#administration #clinton #clinton administration #community #counterintelligence

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