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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #violets

Mathematical discoveries, like springtime violets in the woods, have their season which no man can hasten or retard.

Janos Bolyai

#hasten #like #man #mathematical #retard

You are the only person who loves me in the world," said Elizabeth. "When you talk to me I smell violets.

L.M. Montgomery

#violets #love

Do you think amethysts can be the souls of good violets?

L.M. Montgomery

#anne-of-green-gables #violets #l-m-montgomery

The snowdrop and primrose our woodlands adorn, and violets bathe in the wet o' the morn.

Robert Burns

#bathe #morn #our #violets #wet

Big doesn't necessarily mean better. Sunflowers aren't better than violets.

Edna Ferber

#big #mean #necessarily #than #violets

We may pass violets looking for roses. We may pass contentment looking for victory.

Bern Williams

#looking #may #pass #roses #victory

Eccolo!” he exclaimed. At the same moment the ground gave way, and with a cry she fell out of the wood. Light and beauty enveloped her. She had fallen on to a little open terrace, which was covered with violets from end to end. “Courage!” cried her companion, now standing some six feet above. “Courage and love.” She did not answer. From her feet the ground sloped sharply into view, and violets ran down in rivulets and streams and cataracts, irrigating the hillside with blue, eddying round the tree stems, collecting into pools in the hollows, covering the grass with spots of azure foam. But never again were they in such profusion; this terrace was the well-head, the primal source whence beauty gushed out to water the earth. Standing at its brink, like a swimmer who prepares, was the good man. But he was not the good man that she had expected, and he was alone. George had turned at the sound of her arrival. For a moment he contemplated her, as one who had fallen out of heaven. He saw radiant joy in her face, he saw the flowers beat against her dress in blue waves. The bushes above them closed. He stepped quickly forward and kissed her…

E.M. Forster

#first-kiss #flowers #italy #kiss #romance

…”The Emersons who were at Florence, do you mean? No, I don’t suppose it will prove to be them. It is probably a long cry from them to friends of Mr. Vyse’s. Oh, Mrs. Honeychurch, the oddest people! The queerest people! For our part we liked them, didn’t we?” He appealed to Lucy. “There was a great scene over some violets. They picked violets and filled all the vases in the room of these very Miss Alans who have failed to come to Cissie Villa. Poor little ladies! So shocked and so pleased. It used to be one of Miss Catharine’s great stories. ‘My dear sister loves flowers,’ it began. They found the whole room a mass of blue — vases and jugs — and the story ends with ‘So ungentlemanly and yet so beautiful.’ It is all very difficult. Yes, I always connect those Florentine Emersons with violets.”…

E.M. Forster

#florence #flowers #italy #travel #violets

Death is woven in with the violets,” said Louis. “Death and again death.”)

Virginia Woolf

#violets #death

Roses are red violets arae blue my love for you is forever true.

Paola Calvillo

#love #roses #true #violets #love

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