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I've made my own music, and the way I've always described it is Peggy Lee with an electric guitar, or Billie Holiday with some PJ Harvey in there.

Evan Rachel Wood

#billie #billie holiday #described #electric #electric guitar

I search for the realness, the real feeling of a subject, all the texture around it... I always want to see the third dimension of something... I want to come alive with the object.

Andrew Wyeth

#always #around #come #dimension #feeling

I guess I just don't have a talent for it, some women just aren't the marrying kind - or anyway, not the permanent marrying kind, and I'm one of them.

Jane Wyman

#guess #i #just #kind #marrying

I've always been in a rebel.

Donnie Yen

#been #i #rebel

The way this whole novel thing came together was, I sold them one bill of goods and then didn't communicate very well. I am like Captain Run-on Sentence.

Ahmet Zappa

#bill #came #captain #communicate #goods

Music is always a commentary on society.

Frank Zappa

#commentary #music #society

Darkness does not age; nothing is always nothing

Dejan Stojanovic

#always #darkness #dejan-stojanovic #literature #literature-quotes

Making a record is a lot like surgery without an anesthetic. You first have to cut yourself up the middle. Then you have to rip out every single organ, every single part and lay them on a table. You then need to examine the parts, and the reality of the situation hits you. You find yourself saying things like "I didn't know that part was so ugly." Or "I better get a professional opinion about that." You go to bed hollow and then back into the operating room the next day. . .facing every fear, every disgusting thing you hate about yourself. Then you pop it all back in, sew yourself shut and perform. . . you perform like your life depended on it----and in those perfect moments you find beauty you never knew existed. You find yourself and you friends all over again, you find something to fight for, something to love. Something to show the world.

Gerard Way

#music #my-chemical-romance #beauty

Thinking back on it, this evening, with my heart and my stomach all like jelly, I have finally concluded, maybe that's what life life is about: there's a lot of despair, but also the odd moment of beauty, where time is no longer the same. It's as if those strains of music created a sort of interlude in time, something suspended, an elsewhere that had come to us, an always within never. Yes, that's it, an always within never.

Muriel Barbery

#life #never #time #beauty

He had no fear for there was nothing to fear. He was going to a better place. Katie told him have no fear God had called him his was pain and suffering was to coming to an end. It was the next stage of their life together. This was a beautiful place where there was no pain and suffering but lots of Gods work to be done. As a social worker he had helped a lot of families in Kerry and his life had achieved a lot. Emma felt Katie’s presence and prayed to her to take him quickly he had suffered too much already. Ronan was on life support

Annette J. Dunlea

#annette-j-dunlea #irish-writer #beauty

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