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prank calls

How to make prank calls

Create funny prank calls with realistic scenarios

How does it work?

With our prank call app you can choose from different scenarios. You can simply send a prank scenario to your victim or set up an interactive prank call to connect to your recipient; you can also send audio pieces and different effects during the phone call.

Check these steps for sending a phone prank

  1. Choose a prank scenario. We provide all pranks in different languages.
  2. Simply send a prank call to your victim.
  3. The scenario will be sent with a three-second time span after each sentence. You can spoof the caller ID and save the reaction of your victim by recording the call.

Check these steps to interactively use a phone prank

  1. Select your favorite prank call scenario and switch to the interactive section.
  2. Enter all necessary numbers. Your own number, any caller ID (fake number) and prepare your recipient's list.
  3. You will get a call to your own phone number. If you accept, your prank call will be redirected to your recipient's phone.
  4. When your call is connected, you can send audio pieces from your selected scenarios or even send effects like text-to-speech or background noises to make it sound more realistic.

Can I talk to my recipients?

If you simply send the prank, you can not talk to your recipients. If you use the interactive prank mode, you can also talk to your opposites.

Why do I have to enter my own number?

If you are using our interactive mode, you certainly want to react appropriately to the recipient, right? :-) Don't worry! The recipient will never see your real number at any time!

Spoof Caller ID

Hide your real phone number and set any caller ID you want. The person you're calling sees only the spoofed caller ID you set, not yours! Easily disguise as someone else.


Not enough? Enter a text that should be spoken by a male or female voice in a certain language.

Sound Effects

Add custom background noises to make it realistic! Want your fake call to sound like it's coming from the police or train station?

Record Calls

Save your fake calls and keep backups of all your spoofed conversations to listen to your recordings later. Do you need to catch a friend admitting that they owe you money?


Spoof group calls multiply the fun. Prank several people at once or allow a third party to listen in on your call.


Send features like sound effects, text-to-speech or voice changer while your spoof call is active.

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