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call forward

You need more features and numbers from countries all over the world? Try and create your personal virtual phone, with virtual numbers from all over the world.

How to forward calls

Learn how to forward your call with a fake virtual number

How to start with call forwarding?

  1. Add a virtual number to your account, close or based from your home country.
  2. Set up a destination for your fake number. Normally, this will be your real phone.
  3. That's it! Spread your fake virtual number to your opposites and all calls will be forwarded directly to your protected phone number.

How long can I make calls?

This depends on your account credits. Currently, we will charge 20 credits per minute, worldwide! But only if you accept the forwarding call.

There is no virtual number for my country

Just choose a number close to your home or from any country you prefer. We have the best experiences with UK and US numbers.

Call forwarding features

You can temporarily disable or enable the call forwarding feature, change the destination phone number at any time or set up an own caller ID displayed on your phone instead of the real caller.

Why can I not use numbers from Spoof Chat?

The virtual numbers from Spoof Chat are enabled for SMS only. There are not provided to receive incoming calls or even forward it to your number. However, we are working on enabling numbers for both services.

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