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In a sense, a hit belongs to the person who made it popular, but if a tune is good enough to attain tremendous success, then it certainly deserves more than one version, one treatment, one approach.

Les Baxter

#attain #belongs #certainly #deserves #enough

That's the beauty of music. You can take a theme from a Bach sacred chorale and improvise. It doesn't make any difference where the theme comes from; the treatment of it can be jazz.

Dave Brubeck

#bach #beauty #chorale #comes #difference

Today the demands are for even higher standards in the quality of care, for greater flexibility and convenience in treatment times, and for more prevention through screening and health checks.

Lucy Powell

#checks #convenience #demands #even #flexibility

They have - they do still hit me occasionally, and it's an overwhelming grief for what - even though my life is so good now, even including going through treatment for cancer, my life is incredible.

Lynn Redgrave

#even #going #good #grief #hit

I realized that I was about to turn 30, and Batman was permanently 29. And I was going to be damned if I was older than Batman.

Frank Miller

#batman #damned #going #i #older

The atmosphere at my school was very competitive. Young girls were competing with each other every day for status, for leadership, for the affection of the teachers. I hated it.

Zhang Ziyi

#atmosphere #competing #competitive #day #each

We have a responsibility to promote stem cell research which could lead to treatments and cures for diseases affecting millions of Americans.

Louise Slaughter

#cell #cell research #could #cures #diseases

A man obtains his God-the-Preceptor at the age of twelve years and four months. At the age of twenty four years and eight months he gets and sees Atma, God, in the seventh plane. It takes twelve years and four months in the body for God’s manifestations and realizations in multifarious conditions in the process of transformation of life-power into God.

Sri Jibankrishna Diamond

#god #preceptor #age

But I know the rage that drives you. That impossible anger strangling the grief, until the memory of your loved ones is just poison in your veins. And one day you catch yourself wishing the person you loved had never existed, so you'd be spared your pain.

Christopher J. Nolan


Dumbledore paused, and although his voice remained light and calm, and he gave no obvious sign of anger, Harry felt a kind of chill emanating from him and noticed that the Dursleys drew very slightly closer together. “You did not do as I asked. You have never treated Harry as a son. He has known nothing but neglect and often cruelty at your hands. The best that can be said is that he has at least escaped the appalling damage you have inflicted upon the unfortunate boy sitting between you.

J.K. Rowling

#dudley-dursley #mistreatment #petunia-dursley #vernon-dursley #anger

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