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Faith UP! Your purpose is GREATER than all your PROBLEMS.

John Paul Warren

#central-christian #church #inspirational #john-paul #john-paul-warren

A faithful servant may be wiser than the master, and yet retain the true spirit and posture of the servant. The humble man looks upon every, the feeblest and unworthiest, child of God, and honors him and prefers him in honor as the son of a King.

Andrew Murray

#servanthood #faith

Girls Incorporated of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey continues to advance their cause and to strengthen their community by aspiring to open a Girl's Center for Philadelphia.

Robert Brady

#aspiring #cause #center #community #continues

I’m nobody’s sidekick,” Annabeth growled. “And, Percy, his accent sounds familiar because he sounds like his mother. We killed her in New Jersey.” Percy frowned. “I’m pretty sure that accent isn’t New Jersey. Who’s his—? Oh.” It all fell into place. Aunty Em’s Garden Gnome Emporium—the lair of Medusa. She’d talked with that same accent, at least until Percy had cut off her head. “Medusa is your mom?” he asked. “Dude, that sucks for you.

Rick Riordan

#annabeth-chase #family #humor #medusa #new-jersey

Poverty is when there is no food and a child is forced to fill its stomach with water for the night.

Matsime Simon Mohapi

#debts #depths-of-poverty #indecent-life #food

It is unfortunate that in most cases when the sins of the father fall on the son it is because unlike God, people refuse to forgive and forget and heap past wrongs upon innocent generations.

E.A. Bucchianeri

#forgive #forgive-and-forget #forgiveness #future-generation #future-generations

I couldn't make sense of things. But then I began the process of civilising myself and trying to become a decent human being. I'm still working on it.

Jimmy Nail

#began #being #decent #human #human being

The only people who get better are people who know that, if they never get better, God will love them anyway.

Steve Brown


Writing of only one small part of the broader problem, namely the single-minded pursuit of individualistic 'rights,' [Don] Feder is not wrong to conclude: Absent a delicate balance--rights and duties, freedom and order--the social fabric begins to unravel. The rights explosion of the past three decades has taken us on a rapid descent to a culture without civility, decency, or even that degree of discipline necessary to maintain an advanced industrial civilization. Our cities are cesspools, our urban schools terrorist training camps, our legislatures brothels where rights are sold to the highest electoral bidder.

D.A. Carson

#freedom #individualism #rights #the-twentieth-century #freedom

Em didn't truly understand about my panic attacks - no one did. But she'd never pushed me to explain, never tried to ditch me when things got weird, and never once looked at me like I was a freak.

Rachel Vincent

#rachel-vincent #teen #young-adult #friendship

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