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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #centered

The scene then as now was centered in New York. For the most part, I've kept a bit apart from that attractive and seductive city. I've done it by living in the country within commuting distance.

Kenneth Noland

#attractive #bit #centered #city #commuting

My early work and publications centered around expanding on the analysis of life insurance in my dissertation and its relationship to investment banking.

Douglass North

#around #banking #centered #dissertation #early

Some people, who always talk about how busy they are, are really trying to claim how 'important' they are.

Donna Lynn Hope

#self-centered #self-importance #business

Cultivate the understanding that the self is not really an independently existing entity, and begin to view self instead in terms of it's dependent relation to others. Although it is difficult to say that merely reflecting on this will produce a profound spiritual realization, it will at least have some effect. Your mind will be more open. Something will begin to change within you. Therefore, even in the immediate term there is definitely a positive and beneficial effect in reversing these two attitudes and moving from self-centeredness to other-centeredness, from belief in self existence to belief in dependent origination.

Dalai Lama XIV

#other-centeredness #self #self-centeredness #spiritual-realization #attitude

A faithful servant may be wiser than the master, and yet retain the true spirit and posture of the servant. The humble man looks upon every, the feeblest and unworthiest, child of God, and honors him and prefers him in honor as the son of a King.

Andrew Murray

#servanthood #faith

Everyone lives a self-centered life...whether its trivial like what's for breakfast, or more ambitious, like achieving some lofty goal, a person is constantly on her own mind.

T.M. Goeglein

#self-centered #life

The motivation of transparency is important. The culture teaches people to be candid and blunt, but this usually revolves around self-centeredness – you have a right to express your true feelings and your rage. This is an entitlement. Instead, the Christian way to approach transparency is to realize out candidness should be motivated by a desire to have a pure heart before God and others.

David Kinnaman

#transparency #motivational

Although the client-centered approach had its origin purely within the limits of the psychological clinic, it is proving to have implications, often of a startling nature, for very diverse fields of effort.

Carl Rogers

#client-centered-therapy #counseling #psychology #psychotherapist #psychotherapy

To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.

Albert Camus

#self-centeredness #selfishness #happy

Thoughts are like an open ocean, they can either move you forward within its waves, or sink you under deep into its abyss.

Anthony Liccione

#positive #staying-centered #thoughts #positive-thoughts

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