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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #contemporary

Her heart unfolded in her chest, took in all of him, and closed tightly, unwilling to let him go

Justine Dell

#contemporary-romance #hot-hero #long-lost-lovers #love-story #lover

She loved this man. This wonderful, respectiful, willful man. And she couldn’t even tell him.

Justine Dell

#contemporary-romance #hot-hero #long-lost-lovers #love-story #lover

He was working that charm right now on the trainer who kneeled before him and touched his thigh as though it were the thigh of David, Michelangelo’s glorious statue come to life right here on court.

A.G. Starling

#contemporary-romance #david #game #love #michelangelo

I looked down, unable to meet the intensity in Nat’s eyes. Tonight, my crush for Nat had moved beyond a crush. The chemistry between us was undeniable, and the more we clashed, the more we wanted each other." - Summer, Perfect Summer

Kailin Gow

#kailin-gow #loving-summer-series #nat-donovan #new-adult #new-adult-contemporary-romance

You know what Munny said to me, right before we left? She said, ‘Watching someone die is hard work. Go to Australia and watch Faye fall in love with some dude named Rabbit. That should be fun.

Elle Lothlorien


She dribbled water over his neck and back. The towel didn't quite soak up all of it, and drops raced down his back, trailing the curve of his spine. She loved that curve, framed on either side by ripple after ripple of muscle, and she especially loved the way it dipped in at his waist before flaring onto his perfect, rounded backside.

Melissa Cutler

#contemporary #romance #suspense #love

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