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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #contemporary

How often one reads a contemporary full-length novel and thinks quietly, mutinously, that it would have worked out better at half or a third the length.

Ian Mcewan

#contemporary #half #how #length #novel

There is no place on earth or on the universe that a tree cannot turn a place into a more beautiful site!

Mehmet Murat ildan


Not that it was a crazy complicated skill, but operating an espresso machine during high traffic could be added to my repertoire along with card tricks and how to fire a Colt .45. (Quote taken from ARC, subject to change)

Karina Halle

#lies #tattoo #thriller #change

Alice, it took big, dumb Talon Dodo thirty seconds to get you so pissed about a poker hand pun that you were about to beat him to death with your cane.

Elle Lothlorien


Hey," I said softly and cupped his cheek. "Yeah?" “What about your dream?” His face went dimples. “I’m lookin’ at it, darlin’.” Oh. Crap. My heart felt near bursting. I was absolutely done for. This man owned me, body and soul, and everything in between.

Madeline Sheehan

#motorcycle-man #dreams

The engine roared to life. He ran toward her. She shot our of her parking space. He rushed to the side of her car. "Stop it, Kristy! You're overreacting! Let's talk about this." That was when she did the unthinkable. She rolled down the window, thrust out her hand, and gave Reverend Ethan Bonner the bird.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

#romance #sep #dreams

I want a man that will do what he needs to do to take care of his family. I will give that man every ounce of love and support I have to give. I will never measure him against another man. I will never want what other people have. I will simply enjoy every minute we have together.

Destin Bays

#contemporary-romance #historical-romance #true-love-in-time #family

Miz Ellen, what do you carry in that handbag of yours that has enough wallop to knock down a full-grown man? - Dan Landry

Barbara Falkenrath

#family-relationships #fiction #family

He’s a guy. We’re easy and stupid. Just go bat your eyes at him and beg for forgiveness. It’ll take five minutes…three if you wear something low-cut.

Elle Lothlorien


Tell me something, princess, if I make a liar out of you…will you forgive me?” Hex James, Hex upon Me

Beth Mikell

#romance #forgiveness

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