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He returned in a moment with a phone, a high-end model that probably cost way more than hers. His cell phone wallpaper was an abstract artwork with lots of colorful circles and blots—Kandinsky, maybe, or Miro? She always got those two confused. She gave him points for not having a picture of some scantily-clad woman thrusting her boobs at the camera, like Steve had on his phone. Tacky. Nude-woman wallpapers were the cell phone equivalent of silver naked-lady mud flaps, in her opinion.

Linda Morris

#entangled #romance #contemporary-romance

That girl was a goddess and once a guy got hooked on her it was damn hard weaning off. - Drake

Victoria H. Smith

#new-adult #romance #summer-before-college #contemporary-romance

There,” he said with a smirk. “Now I don’t have a swim suit either.” Andi bit her bottom lip and felt the heat begin to flood her cheeks. The sharp pinch on her arm snapped her out of her trance and she quickly swatted at the bug. “Okay, okay. Turn around and don’t peak.” The light from the moon made it easy for her to see his questioning glare. “What?” “Turn around?” Zane asked, trying to hold back a smile. “Need I remind you that I’ve seen you naked before, Miss Ford.”—Zane and Andi in, Zane: The McKades of Texas

Kimberly Lewis

#western #contemporary-romance

The way contemporary literature is emerging, soon we can expect "Item poetry" in novels.


#literary-criticism #literature-quotes #literary-criticism

How do you know?” “Well, I don’t, I’m making this up, but I bet I’m right.

Robyn Carr

#cute #funny #humour #romance #romantic

When your child comes home to talk about life, what could be more important?

Destin Bays

#historical-romance #love-story #romance-novels #home

There are no guarantees with love,’ her father said, reading her mind. ‘You can’t hold some of it back, like a deposit, so you can get your money back if something goes wrong. You have to give yourself wholeheartedly, whatever the cost.

Christine Stovell

#love #romantic-comedy #love

The day I met you is the day by which all others will be measured. — Levi Ian Bryson

T.R. Graves

#erotic-fiction #new-adult #new-adult-contemporary-romance #new-adult-romance #saga

I solved world hunger.”
 “Yeah, right.” 
“Oh, ye of little faith.”
 “You realize that solving world hunger would mean you’d be doing something good for a change?”
 “Ah, but there’s the kicker: I destroyed my solutions.” He finally looks away from the window and gives me this cocky smirk. “Malevolence 101, Kirk.

Abria Mattina

#new-adult #change

Trace was just one of those guys who caught your attention no matter if you had a ring on your finger. He would be hot 'til the day he died. Seriously.

Chelsea Lynn Charters The Gossip Web

#high-school #teenage-love #the-gossip-web #young-adult #love

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