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Mountains are giant, restful, absorbent. You can heave your spirit into a mountain, and the mountain will keep it, folded, and not throw it back as creeks will. The creeks are all the world with all its simulus and beauty; I live there. But the mountains are home.

Anne Dillard

#pilgrim-at-tinker-creek #beauty

Black Creek Burning: “It was a polite, white lie,” Brie whispered. “I’ll have to remember you think that way,” Nathan said.

R.T. Wolfe

#black-creek-burning #gardening #murder #romantic-suspense #sweet

The first heartbreak is the hardest one, because you don't know what to expect," Lynn told him, and David knew she was speaking from experience. "It will get better, I promise. You just have to give it time.

Geoff Laughton


Then one day I was walking along Tinker Creek thinking of nothing at all and I saw the tree with the lights in it. I saw the backyard cedar where the mourning doves roost charged and transfigured, each cell buzzing with flame. I stood on the grass with the lights in it, grass that was wholly fire, utterfly focused and utterfly dreamed. It was less like seeing than like being for the first time seen, knocked breathless by a powerful glance. The flood of fire abated, but I'm still spending the power. Gradually the lights went out in the cedar, the colors died, the cells unflamed and disappeared. I was still ringing. I had been my whole life a bell, and never knew it until at that moment I was lifted and struck. I have since only very rarely seen the tree with the lights in it. The vision comes and goes, mostly goes, but I live for it, for the moment when the mountains open and a new light roars in spate through the crack, and the mountains slam.

Anne Dillard

#pilgrim-at-tinker-creek #dreams

One of my favorite dialogue pieces from Black Creek Burning: “It was a polite, white lie,” Brie whispered. “I’ll have to remember you think that way,” Nathan said.

R.T. Wolfe

#black-creek-burning #gardening #murder #romantic-suspense #sweet

Nathan whispered close to her face, “Just a kiss my ass.

R.T. Wolfe

#romantic-suspense #romantic

I entered into Dawson's Creek to do a couple of episodes. They weren't sure about my role in the beginning, but then the chemistry kind of worked.

Sasha Alexander

#beginning #chemistry #couple #creek #dawson

So for twelve miles I rode with Sherman, and we became fast friends. He asked me all manner of questions on the way, and I found that he knew my father well, and remembered his tragic death in Salt Creek Valley.

Buffalo Bill

#became #creek #death #fast #father

The summer of 1830 I... blasted the tunnel through the rock to take water from the dam above the falls for the mill... In 1831 we lowered the tunnel four feet, and built a new dam across the creek.

Ezra Cornell

#across #blasted #built #creek #dam

One of the best things - and something I'm grateful for every time I walk onto a film set - is my six and a half years on Dawson's Creek and the experience it afforded me in how to get comfortable with the camera.

Michelle Williams

#best #camera #comfortable #creek #dawson

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