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But we should not cling! A plague upon fundamentalists and literalists! I am reminded of a story of Lord Krishna when he was a cowherd. Every night he invites the milkmaids to dance with him in the forest. They come and they dance. The night is dark, the fire in their midst roars and crackles, the beat of the music gets ever faster - the girls dance and dance and dance with their sweet lord, who has made himself so abundant as to be in the arms of each and every girl. But the moment the girls become possessive, the moment each one imagines that Krishna is her partner alone, he vanishes. So it is that we should not be jealous with God.

Yann Martel

#hinduism #krishna #religion #imagination

You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.

Anne Lamott

#fundamentalism #god #humor #idolatry #spirituality

This is the real Madame. I can see why she hides herself in accents and gems and exotic perfumes. I can see why she's grown to hate anything to do with love. She isn't evil or corrupt the way that Vaughn is. She's broken. Only broken.

Lauren DeStefano

#corrupt #evil #gems #hate #hide

Dost thou understand? I love thee!" he cried again. "What love!" said the unhappy girl with a shudder. He resumed,--"The love of a damned soul.

Victor Hugo


Dogmatism of all kinds--scientific, economic, moral, as well as political--are threatened by the creative freedom of the artist. This is necessarily and inevitably so. We cannot escape our anxiety over the fact that the artists together with creative persons of all sorts, are the possible destroyer of our nicely ordered systems. (p. 76)

Rollo May

#dogmatism #fundamentalism #courage

Laurent stopped. Damen could see the moment when Laurent decided to continue. It was deliberate, his eyes meeting Damen's, his tone subtly changed. 'Damianos of Akielos was commanding troops at seventeen. At nineteen, he rode onto the field, cut a path through our finest men, and took my brother's life. They say--they said--he was the best fighter in Akielos. I thought, if I was going to kill someone like that, I would have to be very, very good.

S.U. Pacat

#damen #laurent #change

Will you, then, never grow weary of being unjust?

Pierre Choderlos de Laclos

#affection #behavior #conduct #feelings #love

We fundamentalists are a pack of mood-loving showoffs. I'm sure the Minor Prophets would have found subject for correction.

Elisabeth Elliot

#pride #religion #love

Fundamentalists offer us a "loving" God who is some kind of divine stalker.

Robert M. Price

#god #love

Fermina Daza n'était plus la fille unique à la fois soumise et tyrannisée par son père,mais la maitresse et la dame d'un empire de poussière et de toiles d'araignée que seule la force d'un amour invincible pourrait remettre debout.

Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

#femme #force #foyer #love

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