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Thinking something does not make it true. Wanting something does not make it real.

Michelle Hodkin

#mara-dyer #reality #truth #inspirational

Aye, that's me. Roughie toughie squaddie with the intellectual depth of a shallow baby bath and the educational background of a hedgerow. I'm complicated, me.



In my rush, I hadn't tied my shoelaces. Noah was now tying them for me. He looked up at me through his dark fringe of lashes and smiled. The expression on his face melted me completely. I knew I had the goofiest grin plastered on my lips, and didn't care. "There," he said as he finished tying the laces on my left shoe. "Now you won't fall." Too late.

Michelle Hodkin

#couples #love #mara-dyer #noah-shaw #ya

My brother cleared his throat. "I wish she knew that I think she is the most hilarious person on Earth. And that whenever she's not home, I feel like I'm missing my partner in crime." My throat tightened. Do not cry. Do not cry. "I wish she knew that she's really Mom's favorite--" I shook my head here. "--the princess she always wanted. That Mom used to dress her up like a little doll and parade her around like Mara was her greatest achievement. I wish Mara knew that I never minded, because she's my favorite too.

Michelle Hodkin

#brotherly-love #daniel-dyer #mara-dyer #love

Mara, if you're tired, I can hear it. If you're hurt, I can feel it. And if you lie, I will know it.

Michelle Hodkin

#noah-shaw #the-unbecoming-of-mara-dyer #love

Wait," I said as Noah slipped a book from a shelf and headed toward the door. "Where are you going?" "To read?" But I don't want you to. "But I need to go home," I said, my eyes meeting his. "My parents are going to kill me." "Taken care of. You're at Sophie's house." I loved Sophie. "So I'm...staying here?" "Daniel's covering for you." I loved Daniel. "Where's Katie?" I asked, trying to sound casual. "Eliza's house." I loved Eliza. "And your parents?" I asked. "Some charity thing." I loved charity. "So why are you going to read when I'm right here?

Michelle Hodkin

#humor #mara-dyer #noah-shaw #sexy #ya

Have you kissed many boys before?" he asked quietly. His question brought my mind back into focus. I raised an eyebrow. "Boys? That's an assumption." Noah laughed, the sound low and husky. "Girls, then?" "No." "Not many girls? Or not many boys?" "Neither," I said. Let him make of that what he would. "How many?" "Why—" "I am taking away that word. You are no longer allowed to use it. How many?" My cheeks flushed, but my voice was steady as I answered. "One." At this, Noah leaned in impossibly closer, the slender muscles in his forearm flexing as he bent his elbow to bring himself nearer to me, almost touching. I was heady with the proximity of him and grew legitimately concerned that my heart might explode. Maybe Noah wasn't asking. Maybe I didn't mind. I closed my eyes and felt Noah's five o' clock graze my jaw, and the faintest whisper of his lips at my ear. "He was doing it wrong.

Michelle Hodkin

#kiss #mara-dyer #noah-shaw #sexy #ya

I was warned about you, you know." And with that half-smile that wrecked me, Noah said, "But you're here anyway.

Michelle Hodkin

#favorite #mara-dyer #noah-shaw #sexy #ya

Rubbish. The Taj Mahal is only a hundred eighty-six square feet. This house has twenty-five thousand." I stared at him blankly. "I was kidding," he said. I stared at him blankly. "All right, I wasn't kidding. Let's go, shall we.?" "After you, my liege.

Michelle Hodkin

#noah-shaw #kids

My father might be right. If I lost Noah, I might just lose my mind.

Michelle Hodkin

#michelle-hodkin #noah-shaw #the-evolution-of-mara-dyer #evolution

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