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Walter Scott

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Revenge, the sweetest morsel to the mouth that ever was cooked in hell.

— Walter Scott


Oh, what a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive.

— Walter Scott

#honesty #inspirational #lies #truth #inspirational

Love rules the court, the camp, the grove, and men below, and the saints above, for love is heaven, and heaven is love.

— Walter Scott


All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.

— Walter Scott

#anything #chief #education #had #hand

Cats are a mysterious kind of folk.

— Walter Scott

#pets #pets

Is death the last sleep? No, it is the last and final awakening.

— Walter Scott


Fight on, brave knights! Man dies, but glory lives! Fight on; death is better than defeat! Fight on brave knights! for bright eyes behold your deeds!

— Walter Scott

#death #defeat #encouragement #glory-in-death #death

Silence, maiden; thy tongue outruns thy discretion.

— Walter Scott


We are like the herb which flourisheth most when trampled upon

— Walter Scott

#facing-problems #adversity

Each age has deemed the new-born year The fittest time for festal cheer.

— Walter Scott

#festivities #new-year #age

About Walter Scott

Walter Scott Quotes

Did you know about Walter Scott?

This trend accelerated in the twentieth century. I didn’t know exactly what a “dead soul” was but. In Ivanhoe as in the Waverley novels religious and sectarian fanatics are the villains while the eponymous hero is a bystander who must weigh the evidence and decide where to take a stand.

Famous titles include Ivanhoe Rob Roy The Lady of the Lake Waverley The Heart of Midlothian and The Bride of Lammermoor. His novels and poetry are still read and many of his works remain classics of both English-language literature and of Scottish literature.

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