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Dorothy Dunnett

Read through the most famous quotes from Dorothy Dunnett

I would give you my soul in a blackberry pie; and a knife to cut it with.

— Dorothy Dunnett

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You might, without my crediting it, fall deeply in love and forever, with some warped hunchback whelped in the gutter. I should equally stop you from taking him.

— Dorothy Dunnett

#emotional #poignant #equality

In Rome there is a pathological shortage of small coins. For change, the little shops tend to use candy.

— Dorothy Dunnett

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That day, engrossed together in the fate of the child, he met her mind to mind and fell in love with her, with every grain of his spirit and cell of his body; with the essential finality of death.

— Dorothy Dunnett


But it's also because of something personal. My mother and father met while playing chess, so I've always had a fondness for the game. If it weren't for chess, I might not be here.

— Dorothy Dunnett

#always #because #chess #father #fondness

You all know that each title in the Chronicles has a chess theme; that's partly because of the overall design of the Chronicles themselves - the game of chess as an analogue of the game of life.

— Dorothy Dunnett

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After I convinced them that I was a harmless novelist, I actually got them to give me a tour of the harem - which is usually off limits for tourists.

— Dorothy Dunnett

#after #convinced #give #give me #got

About Dorothy Dunnett

Did you know about Dorothy Dunnett?

It was held on Saturday 15 October 2011 with readers gathering in locations around the world at 13:00 (1pm) local time to toast the author. The second volume which was written after the Niccolò series was completed also contains a bibliography of many of the hundreds of primary and secondary sources Dunnett used in her historical research. These books provide background information to historical characters and events featured in the Lymond Chronicles and The House of Niccolò as well as explanations of classical allusions and literary and other quotations used in the two series notes to sources of these citations and many maps.

She also wrote a novel about the real Macbeth called King Hereafter (1982) and a series of mystery novels centred around Johnson Johnson a portrait painter/spy. She is best known for her six-part series about Francis Crawford of Lymond The Lymond Chronicles which Dorothy Dunnett followed with the eight-part prequel The House of Niccolò.

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