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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #gig

One way and another I was having a ball - playing gigs, jamming and listening to fine musicians. Then came a crisis at home. My stepfather fell sick, and it meant I had to support the family.

Mary Lou Williams

#ball #came #crisis #family #fell

Transnational, gigantic industrial companies no longer operate within political systems, but rather above them.

Georg Henrik von Wright

#companies #gigantic #industrial #longer #operate

I remember one of the first gigs I played with that amp was at a local church. They wanted someone to fill in with the guitar and my friend say, 'Ah, he can play.' And so I dragged the amplifier down and started playing and everybody started yelling 'turn it down!'

Angus Young

#amp #amplifier #church #down #dragged

Basically, I live to do gigs.

Amy Winehouse

#gigs #i #live

She stared into his eyes and announced, “A good-bye kiss.” It was at that Raid stopped dead. “What?” “Raiden, the gig is up,” she declared, and Raid closed his eyes. Jesus, how could the woman be so infuriating and so fucking cute all at once? He opened his eyes and asked, “The gig is up?” She leaned into him and hissed, “Yes.” Fuck, he wanted to kiss her. He also wanted to shake her. “Baby, it’s jig,” he corrected, and her head jerked, which made that mess of hair on her head jerk, which reminded him he wanted his hands in that hair. Then elsewhere. He needed to speed this shit up. “Sorry?” she asked, sounding confused, and he looked from her hair to her eyes and saw she was, in fact, confused. Yeah. Infuriating. And fucking cute. “The jig is up, not the gig,” he told her. Her eyes narrowed. “Seriously? You’re correcting my street lingo?” “Think that street lingo was the street lingo about eight decades ago, Hanna. So now it’s just lingo.

Kristen Ashley

#funny-quotes #gig #humor #jig #language-understanding

I went to see John Mayall at the Marquee, with Peter Green on guitar, and that was a particularly good gig.

Alvin Lee

#good #green #guitar #i #john

If I ever do anything, it actually might be some fantasy elf thing or even some cute, funny thing. Just to do something a little bit out of the ordinary. I've done my superhero gig.

Todd McFarlane

#anything #bit #cute #done #elf

I do road gigs occasionally but I don't want to go out on the road for months at a time.

Kathy Griffin

#go #i #i do #months #occasionally

Well, I got pretty good and went on the road with a group. We starved. At that time I didn't realize that you'd work one gig in Kansas City, the next in Florida and the next gig will be in Louisville. You know, a thousand miles a night. That was really rough, man.

Wes Montgomery

#florida #gig #good #got #group

Attempting to write vocal oriented songs to me felt like going through the motions and if you are going to go through the motions you might as well just do any gig that caused you to do repetitive motions like banging a hammer or serving fries.

Ronnie Montrose

#attempting #banging #caused #felt #fries

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