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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #greed

They can talk shit about each other behind the others' backs, but when it comes down to it, money is the one true race and everyone down here is the color of greenbacks and as tall as mountains.

Richard Kadrey

#greed #money #pride #relationships #society

Money. The ultimate motivation. The ultimate way of keeping score.

Michael Connelly

#materialism #money #success #wealth #money

Need' now means wanting someone else's money. 'Greed' means wanting to keep your own. 'Compassion' is when a politician arranges the transfer.

Joseph Sobran

#greed #need #money

And shall we at last become the victims of our own abominable lust of gain? Forbid it, Heaven." Washington himself could be a hard driving businessman, yet he found the rapacity of many vendors unconscionable. As he told George Mason, he thought it the intent of the speculators, various tribes of money makers and stock jobbers of all denominations, to continue the war for their own private emolument, without considering that their avarice and thirst for gain must plunge everything in one common ruin.

Ron Chernow

#history #us #washington #money

If you always try to measure yourself with money... well, it's like counting backwards, the more you keep on, the less you'll have to show for it.

Steven J. Carroll

#gratitude #greed #money #self-esteem #wealth

Човек може да живее еднакво добре с десет или сто милиона зад гърба си. Защо притежателите им изпитват тоя безумен порив да прибавят още към тях?

Димитър Димов

#insanity #money #алчност #безумие #димитър

Pah…commoners, traders." Ergus made a disparaging gesture. Traders with money, Ergus. Money they put at the disposition of young Tanahkos," Lmachdan said in a dry tone. "Money that turns into soldiers. Soldiers who are used to extort tribute from us. Tribute that is turned into more soldiers. The warlord has a good thing going, I'll say that for him.

Andrew Ashling

#greed #nobles #paying-taxes #power #rich-men

I was simultaneously elated and depressed, a common enough state of mind these days when people are offered a great deal of money to do something repugnant.

James Hamilton-Paterson


I can’t do that,” he said, exhaling sharply and staring out the glass into the street. “Why not?” His face softened. “I need his money.” Spencer looked at me and I couldn’t help but stare back. We were all in the same boat, prisoners to GREED.

Fisher Amelie

#sophie #spencer #vain #money

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