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I can work in films as long as the story doesn't have a realistic nature. If I'm working with an allegory, a fantasy, it can be developed in synthetic terms.

Manuel Puig

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I don't like the new trends in horror. All this torture stuff seems really mean-spirited. People have forgotten how to laugh, and I don't see anybody who's using it as allegory.

George A. Romero

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I had rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings they can show me in the world.

Samuel Johnson

#dog #had #i #know #me

A priest is he who lives solely in the realm of the invisible, for whom all that is visible has only the truth of an allegory.

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

#invisible #lives #only #priest #realm

... when someone sees a soul disturbed and unable to see something, he won't laugh mindlessly, but he'll take into consideration whether it has come from a brighter life and is dimmed through not having yet become accustomed to the dark or whether it has come from greater ignorance into greater light and is dazzled by the increased brillance.


#light #plato #republic #soul #life

I mean, what does Éloa mean?” He narrowed his gaze, answered her literally. “It’s the name of an angel.” Penelope tilted her head, thinking. “I’ve never heard of him.” “You wouldn’t have.” “Was he a fallen angel?” “She was, yes.” He hesitated, not wanting to tell her the story, but unable to stop himself. “Lucifer tricked her into falling from heaven.” “Tricked her how?” He met her gaze. “She fell in love with him.” Penelope’s eyes widened. “Did he love her?” Like an addict loves his addiction. “The only way he knew how.” She shook her head. “How could he trick her?” “He never told her his name.

Sarah MacLean

#angels #eloa #love #lucifer #seduction

Humanity does not pass through phases as a train passes through stations: being alive, it has the privilege of always moving yet never leaving anything behind. Whatever we have been, in some sort we are still.

C.S. Lewis

#humanity #love

You can start to change your luck today. Begin believing that you can have what you desire and superior things will arrive.

Steve Backley

#inspirational #life-changing #mind-body-spirit #motivational #new-thought

Whatever's born between us is ineffable, beyond adjective and allegory. I can create to rhythm within the measures of our narration. All poetry falls to disingenuous; every cadence is disjointed. These machines will never do us justice. . . .

Jake Wilson

#justice #love #metafiction #poetry #love

A Mixed-breed Apple" A little mixed-breed apple, half red, half yellow, tells this story. A lover and beloved get separated. Their being apart was one thing, but they have opposite responses. The lover feels pain and grows pale. The beloved flushes and feels proud. I am a thorn next to my master's rose. We seem to be two, but we are not.


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