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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #leverage

Our goal is to leverage what is already out in the field in terms of partners, but then hire in project management capability and a bit of technical capability.

Kevin Rollins

#bit #capability #field #goal #hire

The key to competing and surviving against Wal-Mart is to focus your business into a niche or pocket where you can leverage your strengths in the local marketplace.

Michael Bergdahl

#business #competing #focus #into #key

As long as the opposition believes the world will stand with Ukraine's democrat reformers, they will have the leverage and the courage to establish a legitimate republic under the leadership of Viktor Yushchenko.

Bob Schaffer

#courage #democrat #establish #leadership #legitimate

It struck Sophie that Comic-Con was something like a modern-day Brigadoon, a thriving city of a hundred and fifty thousand people that sprang up here in San Diego for less than a week every summer. People flocked to it from across the nation and around the world to populate it for its all-too-short existence, played their chosen roles, then dispersed back to their real homes as soon as the city disappeared. And the next summer, they'd do it all over again, forming a living history of their own in annual installments.

Matt Forbeck

#leverage #matt-forbeck #san-diego #sdcc #home

As a small businessperson, you have no greater leverage than the truth.

John Greenleaf Whittier

#businessperson #greater #leverage #small #than

I have serious concerns about whether it's prudent to give any foreign country substantial leverage over the U.S. economy. Instead of spending $80 billion on important programs here at home, we're sending this money overseas just to pay interest on our debt.

Tim Johnson

#any #billion #concerns #country #debt

Managers don't have as much leverage as they used to have. We can't really be the boss.

Frank Robinson

#leverage #managers #much #really #used

You get to help people in ways that I can't even imagine. Hell, *you get to help people.*

Keith R.A. DeCandido

#nate #imagination

The last few years had taught her that, bizarrely, there might be more to life than money, heists, and adrenaline. A crazy idea, no kidding, and she wasn't entirely convinced yet, but maybe, just maybe, she could be something more than a thief?

Greg Cox

#parker #thief #money

Why is it that men reduce themselves to one-liners and bad movie quotes whenever they get into a fight?" said Parker. "Is there some kind of script they're supposed to follow when they get to this point? Or does the raging testosterone just shut down their higher brain functions?

Matt Forbeck

#humor #leverage #parker #men

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