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Francisco l'attrasse a sé e le cercò le labbra. Fu un bacio casto, tiepido, lieve tuttavia ebbe l'effetto di una scossa tellurica nei loro sensi. Entrambi percepirono la pelle dell'altro prima mai così precisa e vicina, la pressione delle loro mani, l'intimità di un contatto anelato fin dagli inizi del tempo. Li invase un calore palpitante nelle ossa nelle vene nell'anima, qualcosa che non conoscevano o che avevano del tutto scordato, perché la memoria della carne è fragile. Tutto scomparve intorno ed ebbero coscienza solo delle labbra unite che prendevano e ricevevano.

Isabel Allende

#love #lovers #sex #love

When you try to cast doubt on the relationship of two true lovers. You'll find a bond that you'll never discover

Stanley Victor Paskavich

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you fel how love blows around you can't stand to loss one you love you feel as if you are flying when you are together,time is not there to stop you all you have is love



I thought I had everything until I found you.

Turcois Ominek

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People can go on telling themselves things like “Think before you speak!” or “You don’t believe that yourself” or “Forget it!” But they can also say, “Oh, what lovely flowers!” or “Are you a phone freak or something?” or “Suit yourself,” or “This record makes me feel so happy!’ Wonderful! Words are delightful little gifts we exchange like the Easter eggs we paint and hide for others to find and enjoy. I’d forgotten that, but you reminded me of it.

Thomas Brussig

#cute #love #lovers #remember #speaking

Enamórame día a día y cuando te marches serán tus recuerdos los que me sostendrán hasta mi muerte

Manne Van Necker

#love #lovers #love

Sometimes there’s no cure for the crazy.” Dale sighed, stroking my hair. “I think we all just have to keep loving through it. Maybe that’s the cure.

Emme Rollins

#crazy-in-love #crazy-love #crazy-people #love #lovers

Those who find themselves in the "You are going to miss my loving" section Without LOVE are the ones who abused their relationship by not appreciating the person who was giving them the love they no longer have.

Ellen J. Barrier

#lovers #romance #love

I can understand where he's coming from... I too was once secretly in love with you, and I could do nothing but watch from afar. Being close to you while pretending that we're nothing more than friends. The first time I touched you with sexual intention, it was like an electrical current flowing through my fingertips and it paralyzed me. I wanted to make your senses go numb with pleasure. Not only physical pleasure, but desire too, deep inside.

NEKOTA Yonezou

#friends-to-lovers #gay #pleasure #romance #secret-love

A woman never loves to any man, she only controls him


#love #love-hurts #lovers #pain #love

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