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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #lovers

Love is disgusting when you no longer possess yourself.

Pola Negri

#love #lovers #love

no matter how hard your shell is on the out side you will aways find some one who loves you

Kelly Armstrong


I give you," said Alexander, glancing at her, "what you need most from me.

Paulina Simons

#lovers #love

Do they still hurt?" she whispered in anguished surprise. "No," Jason said tautly. Shame washed over him in sickening waves as he waited helplessly for her inevitable reaction to the stark evidence of his humiliation. To his utter disbelief he felt her arms encircle him from behind and the touch of her lips on his back. "How brave you must have been to endure this," she whispered achingly, "how strong to survive it and go on living..." When she began kissing each scar, Jason rolled to his side and jerked her into his arms. "I love you," he whispered agonizedly, plunging his hands into her luxuriant hair and turning her face up to his. "I love you so much...

Judith McNaught Once and Always

#lovers #once-and-always #passion #romance #love

We kind of fell into one another, not even realizing it was happening.

Ashley D. Wallis

#lovers #love

So are you here alone or is there someone looking daggers at my back right now, ready to challenge me to a duel?

Somi Ekhasomhi

#jealous-lovers #love #love

They stamped their own pattern of lovers onto the fabric of Paris.

Emma Calin

#love #lovers #paris #passion #romance

If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything for you." --Manilyn Monroe "If you make a woman cry for a lot of times, you are giving her permission not to diminish her love for you.

Rain in the Sun

#relationship-advice #love

Love should never be too much or too less, yet it cannot be measured.

Rizi Dame C. Briz

#lovers-sadness #measurement #wisdom-quote #love

Do you know the best way to get your body heat back?" Ethan asked her as he looked her in the eyes and stroked her glossy brown hair. “The way to warm up is to lie next to another person. Naked.

Amanda Bretz

#romance-novel #survival #love

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