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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #mourning

You‘re walking funny," Lucy said, a shit-eating grin on her face. Five days of out of this world sex with a starving man could do that to a girl. "You‘re just jealous." Brenna pushed through the door into DarkRiver‘s business HQ. Lucy made a mournful face. "Yes, I am. Goddamn but your man is hot. And he smiles at you! I‘ve seen him do it, even if no one believes me.

Nalini Singh

#friendship #humor #judd #lucy #psy-changeling

In chains and darkness, wherefore should I stay, And mourn in prison, while I keep the key.

Laurell K. Hamilton

#riquiem #mourning

I could almost feel Meghan against me, shaking with sobs as she mourned her Winter prince. I could feel my arms around her as I whispered that it would be okay, that she still had me, and I would never leave. Ant then I wanted to kick myself in the head for thinking that

Julie Kagawa

#puck #summer-s-crossing #mourning

Everything had shattered. The fact that it was all still there — the walls and the chairs and the children’s pictures on the walls — meant nothing. Every atom of it had been blasted apart and reconstituted in an instant, and its appearance of permanence and solidity was laughable; it would dissolve at a touch, for everything was suddenly tissue-thin and friable.

J.K. Rowling

#lost #mourn #mourning

In the great glasshouses streaming with condensation, the children in mourning-dress beheld marvels.

Arthur Rimbaud

#fantastic #fantasy #marvels #mourning

وأنت وإن أفردت في دار وحشة فأنا بدار الأنس في وحشة الفرد

ابن الرومي

#misery #mourning #poetry #sadness #mourning

Some grief shows much of love, But much of grief shows still some want of wit.

William Shakespeare

#mourning #love

For all her culture's attention to the physical, it seemingly has little to salve the creatural anguish of losing someone else's body, their touch, their heat, their oceanic heart...she doesn't want another body, she wants the body she loved, the forceps scar across his cheek that she traced with her hand, his penis, its elegant sweep to the side, the preternaturally soft skin. One wants what one has loved, not the idea of love.

Michelle Latiolais

#loneliness #longing #loss #lost-love #mourning

LAVINIA: I love everything that grows simply-- up toward the sun-- everything that's straight and strong! I hate what's warped and twists and eats into itself and dies for a lifetime in shadow...

Eugene O'Neill

#mourning-becomes-electra #love

It was too perfect to last,' so I am tempted to say of our marriage. But it can be meant in two ways. It may be grimly pessimistic - as if God no sooner saw two of His creatures happy than He stopped it ('None of that here!'). As if He were like the Hostess at the sherry-party who separates two guests the moment they show signs of having got into a real conversation. But it could also mean 'This had reached its proper perfection. This had become what it had in it to be. Therefore of course it would not be prolonged.' As if God said, 'Good; you have mastered that exercise. I am very pleased with it. And now you are ready to go on to the next.

C.S. Lewis

#god-s-will #grief #loss #mourning #marriage

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