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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #partners

A man who graduated high in his class at Yale Law School and made partnership in a top law firm would be celebrated. A man who invested wisely would be admired, but a woman who accomplishes this is treated with suspicion.

Barbra Streisand

#accomplishes #admired #celebrated #class #firm

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.

Paul Sweeney

#any #celebration #given #love #order

The partnership over the 28 years we had the company afforded him the opportunity to experiment and live his life as an artist and a label honcho and do what he wanted to do. It afforded me the same opportunity.

Jerry Moss

#artist #company #experiment #had #him

Another argument, vaguer and even less persuasive, is that gay marriage somehow does harm to heterosexual marriage. I have yet to meet anyone who can explain to me what this means. In what way would allowing same-sex partners to marry diminish the marriages of heterosexual couples?

Ted Olson

#another #anyone #argument #couples #diminish

You and I are victims of the same disease. We're fighting the same war, just different battles in different theatres,and it's way too late for me to hate you for anything, because we're the same damn thing. My soul, your conscience,whatever's left of me woven into whatever's left of you, all tangled up and conjoined. We're in this together,corpse.

Isaac Marion

#corpses #hate #partnership #zombies #conscience

You never have to suffer because of, or be denatured by, another person, even someone you love.

Rossana Condoleo

#divorce #divorcing #love-pain #love-sadness #marriage

The only thing more amorous than pretending to be marriage partners is pretending to be capitalist ones. Money is less essential for success in capitalism than in marriage, so you can amuse yourself without worry.


#funny #humor #love #marriage #money

Did you really think you could quit?" He moved closer, his steps slow, purposeful. "Just fax me a damned piece of paper and I‘d be forced to let you walk away from me?" "You don‘t have a choice." Lydia swallowed the lump in her throat and moved around the chair. Putting furniture between them seemed like a smart idea. "I quit, end of story." "The hell it is," he growled as he stopped and crossed his arms over his chest. "I‘ve given you space, Lydia, but it‘s time we talk." "There‘s nothing to say." He pointedly glanced at the chair and quirked a brow. "Afraid, little Lydia?" Afraid of her own ability to keep her hands off him, yeah. "You don‘t scare me, Dane. You‘d never hurt me." "Then quit acting so skittish and come here.

Anne Rainey

#menage #mulitple-partners #erotic-romance

We fitted together like the two halves of an oyster-shell. I was Narcissus, embracing the pond in which I was about to drown. However much we had to hide our love, however guarded we had to be about our pleasure, I could not long be miserable about a thing so very sweet. Nor, in my gladness, could I quite believe that anybody would be anything but happy for me if only they knew.

Sarah Waters

#happiness #lesbian-partners #lgbt #love #passion

Something truly special never ceases to grow even more valuable with each passing time. If it would stand the test of time, then it's worth keeping though it may not look or feel the same when it was still brand new.

Jennifer Tindugan-Adoviso

#commitment #fidelity #girlfriend #husband #love

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