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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #protectiveness

Fuck the pack. I gave them fifteen years of my life. I fought for them, bled for them, and the moment my back was turned, they attacked my wife. I owe them nothing.

Ilona Andrews

#humourous #protectiveness #life

I know you love her. I’ve never seen you act this crazed in your life. I get that. But Nan hates her. If you love Blaire then protect her from the venom that is dripping from your sister’s fangs. Or I will.

Abbi Glines

#threat #life

This made my father laugh. 'Mary made a cake, did she? Well, well. Better that than she should make a cake for herself, I suppose.' Peter then burst out: 'Why must you always be making a game of Mary? 'Tis not fair; 'tis not sporting.

Jennifer Paynter

#jane-austen #jennifer-paynter #love #loyalty #mary-bennet

There are a hundred ways in which a boy can injure—if not indeed kill—himself. The more adventurous he is and the greater his initiative, the more ways he will find. If you protect him from each of the first hundred, he is sure to find the hundred and first. Though most men can look back on their boyhood and tremble at the narrowness of some of their escapes, most boys do in fact survive more or less intact, and the wise father is the trusting father.

Christopher Milne

#over-protectiveness #parenting #trust #men

I leaned forward on the table and leveled her with my steady gaze. “Do not ever speak to her that way again. If she hadn’t agreed to come with me I wouldn’t have come. Don’t underestimate her importance. She’s mine. Respect that.

Abbi Glines


It's going to be okay. Donny doesn't know it yet, but he just picked a fight with the wrong bunch of guys." -- Julian Darcangelo

Pamela Clare

#romantic-suspense #romantic

Anything may happen when womanhood has ceased to be a protected occupation.

Virginia Woolf

#dignity #double-standards #empowerment #feminism #gender

Anger is precious. A silverback uses his anger to maintain order and warn his troop of danger. When my father beat his chest, it was to say, Beware, listen, I am in charge. I am angry to protect you, because that is what I was born to do. Here in my domain, there is no one to protect.

Katherine Applegate

#precious #protection #protectiveness #anger

Casey doesn't trust him." "Casey doesn't trust anyone," I replied. "He's paranoid like that. I mean, come on, he's a werewolf who installed a nanny cam in his kids' room." I pointed my spoon at Ali for emphasis. "A nanny cam.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

#humor #over-protectiveness #humor

...I don't want what other men see in you- you the you I want is invisible but it is the part of you I really love...

John Geddes

#love #protectiveness #jealousy

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