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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #psychopaths

There were a billion lights out there on the horizon and I knew that all of them put together weren't enough to light the darkness in the hearts of some men.

Michael Connelly

#evil #hearts #lights #psychology #psychopaths

Indifference to me, is the epitome of all evil.

Elie Wiesel

#ayn-rand #evil #evil-men #objectivism #psychopathic-personalities

While I don't think sociopaths have any sort of moral urge to do good things, I think they can and do act morally in the context of pursuing their own advantage. A good analogy would be a corporation. There are a lot of corporations that do things that you like, maybe even good things, like produce vaccines or electric cars, although the primary motivation is to make a profit. But just because you are trying to make a profit doesn't mean you can't do it by doing things you like, or that you are good at, or that comport with the way you see the world, or want the world to see you.

M.E. Thomas

#companies #corporation #corporations #psychopath #psychopaths

I feel I could kill. I feel that I might like it. And I know that this should scare me. But it doesn't. It excites me. I am in Plato's cave, watching the shadows and fraught with the desire to hunt what casts them.

Nenia Campbell

#evil-men #killing #murder #psychopaths #men

Some werewolves are hairy on the inside.

Stephen King

#psychopaths #violence #werewolves #anger

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