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Well, then-“ Before I can finish his lips are on mine fervently and I return his kiss as our mouths move together in a slow rhythm. I wrap my arms around his neck tightly. He grasps my face between both of his warm hands, then pulls back to look at me. You don’t know how happy you just made me, Gracie. I love you. I fucking love you! Yes I do because it’s the same feeling you give me. I love you so much Carter and I want to move in with you and see you every day and wake up next to you every morning.

Annie Brewer

#gracie #love #relationship #love

The disadvantage of not being together at same place, not meeting each other personally, not able to talk with each other eye into eye, not able to feel each others touch; makes it difficult for a Long Distance Relationship to work.

Abhijeet Sawant

#relation #relationship #love

Certainly no one has ever died of an unrequited passion—it's usually the ones that are requited that get people in trouble.

Mercedes Lackey

#relationships #unrequited-love #humor

It ain't locked, till it's checked!

Angelo N. Dallas


Had she punished him enough? How could she be sure?

Anne Taintor


Men are men, mortal or not.

K.C. Randall

#humor-relationships #humor

You can get away with saying much more with humor than you can with a straight face

Sherry Argov

#love #relationships #humor

Safety tip. When you see smoke run, never wait for fire.

Danielle Sibarium

#safety #humor

I don't do relationships because I don't want to love and lose myself.

J.C. Reed

#love #relationship #romance #surrender-your-love #humor

You've got an awfully kissable mouth.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

#flapper #humor #kiss #kissing #kissing-quotes

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